Welcome To My New Blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog! Yes, I made a new blog. I know you guys probably think I'm crazy, but let me explain my reason behind the brand new chelseamakeup14.

I created a beauty blog a few years ago also called chelseamakeup14. My main goal on that blog was to post makeup product reviews. After being on the internet for awhile, and reading other blogs, I decided that I wanted to share more lifestyle things with my readers. I knew that some people wouldn't be interested in my personal life, and would just like to see the makeup reviews. I created a second blog called Cats & Cappuccino. That was where I was going to post my lifestyle posts. I wanted to get personal with you guys and share my life. But managing two blogs was a lot of work. I felt like one week I'd dedicate more time towards one blog and then the next week I'd dedicate more time towards the other blog. There was no balance between the two. 

I then decided, maybe it was time for a new blog. When I first started blogging, I had a whole vision for both of my blogs. I was also very young when I created my blogs, and I've grown up a lot in the last few years. My vision has changed. My goals have changed. I'm nineteen now and I have a whole new outlook on where I want my life to go. 

And that's why I created chelsea-makeup14. I know, very original to create a new blog with the same name as your old one. I thought it would be good to have the same name as my YouTube channel and social media accounts. Since this is my main blog now, I decided that it would be good to have the same name. Would be easier to find that way. The name might change in the future though. We'll have to see. I'm always brainstorming new ideas, so you never know! 

Like I said, this is my main blog now. This where all the posts are gonna go. I plan on posting makeup reviews, but also doing some lifestyle posts. I'm really into decorating, doing DIY crafts, and cooking. I'm also really into fitness and teaching others how to be positive. I like taking pictures, and writing, and I like to plan in my planner and share my weekly planner spreads with you guys. I have so many new interests that I want to share with you guys! Basically all of the things that I mentioned to you guys, is what I want this blog to be. 

I'm excited for this new journey with this blog! I'm also nervous. I think it will be a good change, to have a new place to write and a new place to share what I like. I think I was just getting bored with my old blogs. I don't know if bored is the best way to describe how I was feeling with the old blogs, but I just didn't feel very inspired to write on there anymore. I didn't have that same vision that I used to have. And I just wasn't sure how to change my blogs to fit what I like now. 

Chelseamakeup14 and Cats and Cappuccino are going to still be up for you guys to read if you'd like. I have a lot of makeup reviews on chelseamakeup14, that I'll probably refer you guys to some of those reviews at some point. 

Make sure you guys are following me on Bloglovin' so you know when I write a new post on this blog! 

I know I've said this before in this blog post, but I am so excited for this journey! I'm excited to share new things with y'all. I'm just really excited for 2016. I know its' gonna be an amazing year! It's going to be the year that we all reach our goals and spread positivity. It's gonna be my year and it's gonna be your year too! Let's make 2016 the best year ever! :) 

XO, Chelsea 

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