Christmas Lush Haul!

Santa brought me some Lush goodies and I thought I'd share them with you guys today! I love Lush products. I love that I can use them and they don't irritate my skin. Plus, the products are just really fun! Some of the bath bombs are brightly colored, which makes your bath water look magical. It just makes taking a bath fun! 

// Snow Fairy Shower Gel // 

I didn't know I would love this as much as I do! I should've asked Santa for a bigger bottle. ;) This is a super sweet scented shower gel. It's bubble gum and vanilla. If you've been a follower for a while, you know that this girl loves anything vanilla scented! This shower gel is sadly limited edition, and is only around for a short time every year. Get it while you can! 

// Frozen Bath Bomb //  

Anytime I hear anything with the name 'frozen,' I immediately break into let it goooo! Let it goooo! ...And now you're going to have Let It Go stuck in your head all day. Sorry! ;) This bath bomb smells really nice. It's got a scent that is very relaxing. I love the colors! 

// You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt // 

I've used this before and loved it so obviously I had to have more of it! I use a chunk of this every morning. This citrus scent is very energizing and really gets me ready for the day. 

// Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt //  

First of all, this bath melt is super cute because it's pink and shaped like a cupcake! This bath melt isn't like your average bath melt, it's mixed with a bath bomb. So it softens your skin and fizzes in your bath water. This also gives your bath a nice pink color! 

// The Comforter Bubble Bar // 

This was my first ever bubble bar from Lush, so I had to ask for it again! It's one of my all time favorites. This bubble bar smells very fruity. It also turns your water a lovely shade of purple. 

// The Experimenter Bath Bomb // 

I have to say, this might be my favorite bath bomb from Lush. This bath bomb is SO pretty when you put into your water! And it smells amazing! 

That's my Christmas Lush haul! What are your favorite Lush products? Let me know in the comments! :) 

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