Reading: Still not reading anything. I was gonna order some books or go to the library, but honestly I'm just not feeling like reading anything right now. 

Watching: Well, I finished Fuller House since I last did a currently post. Not sure what I'll watch next! I have been loving the Amazing Race on Friday nights, though! 

Thinking About: How all my blog pictures disappeared earlier! I think I know what happened, I changed the settings on my Google+ page, and I think it made all the pictures on my blog go away. It was weird and I kind of freaked out, but after talking to my Dad I think everything is going to be ok! 

Planning: My weekend! It's my Mom's birthday this weekend, so I'm sure lots of fun things are going to happen. :) 

Loving: Diet Coke. I drink one can every afternoon. It's like I've done all my work for the day, so time to treat myself! 

What are you guys currently up to? Let me know in the comments! 

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