Reading: I've started reading a book that I purchased awhile ago, but never got around to reading. It's Do Less: A Minimalist's Guide To A Simplified, Organized, And Happy Life by Rachel Jonat.  

Watching: I finished Jane The Virgin on Netflix. I actually kind of liked the show! Now I'm thinking that I want to either start watching Pretty Little Liars again or rewatch Gossip Girl again. I started watching PLL when it first came on TV but then I just didn't stick with it and so I have no idea what has happened. Gossip Girl is just a classic and I love it so I'd love to watch it again. I'm also tempted to rewatch The Office again or Parks and Rec. I loved both of those shows too! 

Thinking About: Mostly just thinking about work stuff that I want to get done this week! 

Planning: Not planning anything except blog posts and videos!

Loving: Everything! I've just been super happy lately and I just feel really good right now! So I'm just loving everything right now! 

What are you currently up to? Let me know in the comments! 

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