Current Beauty Favorites!

Today, I thought I would share with you guys some beauty products that I have been loving! These are products that I've been reaching for, almost everyday. I don't wear makeup everyday, so that's why I say almost. Let's get right into the favorites! 

-Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I've been obsessed with this palette since I bought it! The colors are GORGEOUS! I love the eyeshadows because they are super pigmented, and blend really nicely. I actually have a tutorial up on my channel, with the look that I wear most of the time when I use this palette. 

-MAC Brule Eyeshadow

This is my all time favorite brow highlight eyeshadow! A lot of eyeshadow palettes don't have highlight shades, or they're too light for my taste. This color is the perfect color for my skin tone! 

-Maybelline Better Skin Powder 


This powder is seriously amazing! I use it as a setting powder, to set my foundation. This powder really gives my face a flawless finish. I don't want to use any other setting powder now!

-Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

This is my all time favorite mascara! I don't want to use any other mascara haha. This mascara gives my lashes SO MUCH volume, that it makes me look like I'm wearing false eyelashes. It's kind of amazing. 

-Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo

First of all, I never knew how important having my brows look good was until I got older. When I first started with makeup, I never filled in my eyebrows. Now, I hate leaving the house without them filled in haha! It's not quite that bad...but y'all know what I mean. Anyways, I love this brow product because it fills in my brows without being too much. My eyebrows don't look like I drew them on, they look natural. Like they're supposed to be full and not have gaps haha. 

-Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

My newest makeup obsession is setting spray. I never used to use one, until I started going out more and deciding that I need to keep my makeup looking nice throughout the night. That's why I love this Urban Decay setting spray. I can tell that it really keeps my makeup looking nice throughout the night! I can get home at like 1am and it still looks good! It just adds the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look.

-Smashbox Primer Water

I've been hearing good and bad things about this foundation primer, ever since it was released. I decided to pick up a travel size, and give it a try. I personally LOVE this foundation primer! I think it really helps keep my makeup on, and just gives my face a refreshed feel and look. 

-Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

This is my all time favorite concealer! I love that it's a full coverage concealer. It feels really lightweight and really covers up my dark circles. I don't have any problems with it creasing, which is really nice. 

-Becca Cosmetics Jaclyn Hill Face Palette

I've been loving this face palette since I got it! It's such an amazing face palette. I love all the blush colors, and the highlighters. So pigmented! 

-Maybelline The Bolds Lipstick in Nude Thrill

This is my new favorite nude lipstick! It's the perfect nude. Not too light and not too dark. It's perfect for my skin tone. 

Those are my current favorite beauty products! What beauty products are you loving right now? Tell me in the comments! :) 


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