Ins & Outs #5!

It's Monday, and I never really know what to post on Monday's. I don't feel like it's a good day for a too heavy of post, just because it's Monday and everyone is kind of like zombies getting back into the work week. That's why I felt like today would be the perfect day for an ins and outs post! 



Yes, you read that right, I said football. People don't ever expect a beauty blogger to be a sports fan, but this girl loves watching football! I also love baseball, but I'm more of a football fan. Yesterday I spent the afternoon watching the KC Chiefs game and designing new things for the Etsy shop. Which the things that I designed for my Etsy shop, ended up being football inspired. Yepp. I also unintentionally wore a red dress to church, not even thinking that it was the Chiefs first game of the season haha. Cheering on my team and not even realizing it! Also, they won so that was really awesome! :) 

-Plaid Shirts

Y'all I am all about plaid right now! I wore plaid the other day, and it's kind of my favorite thing. I think it's gonna be really big for fall. Also, I kind of love the brown smokey eye that I'm wearing in this picture. And because I know I'll be asked, my necklace is from Charlotte Russe. 


I seriously can't wait until I get to go someplace to go dancing again! I really like it! This city girl never imagined that she'd learn to dance. I'd always wanted to learn, but just never thought I'd get the chance to. My Grandparents are actually getting interested in dancing, so I'm hoping they'll dance the next time they go somewhere. They're kind of adorable. 


I'm back to painting again! I got some new watercolor paper, and I'm really loving it. I don't remember what brand it is...But it's 140 pound paper instead of the 100 pound paper that I used to use. The 140 pound is MUCH better quality paper! 


-Not Sleeping

Yeah, so I'm not sleeping again. Which is just so much fun. NOT. I just can't get my mind to shut up before going to bed. There is so much on my mind right now. I've also found myself designing while I'm laying in bed. Last night I actually had an idea for coffee mugs, so expect some new coffee mugs in the Etsy shop soon! Also, I'm really thankful for coffee. 

-Weird Halloween Decor

Not last weekend, but the weekend before, when I went to KC, my parents and I stopped at World Market. My Dad and I love looking at all the Halloween stuff, even though we never buy any of it haha. Honestly, this Halloween decor was kind of...disturbing. 

Hope you guys have a great Monday! :) 


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