My Month In Photos | September

I've mentioned on my blog before, that I love to take pictures. But because I don't always like bringing my Canon T3i with me, I mostly use my phone and upload the pictures to Instagram. On my old blog, I used to a weekly series sharing the photos from the week that I had shared on Instagram. Instead of sharing the photos weekly, I think I am going to start sharing them monthly. So here is my month in photos from the month of September. Enjoy!

Damn good coffee 

 Today's makeup 

Apparently I am Chelsa today

Feeling super trendy with my boxed water

Loving the brown smoky eye for fall!

Rainy day = perfect day to stay inside and drink cappuccino 

Just a few of my favorite products lately 

Frosty's first pupaccino! 

Pumpkin spice latte for the road 

This little mug went to its new home today!

Happy National Coffee Day! 

Love my little Skunk! 

Hope you guys have a great Monday! :) 

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