Reading: Not reading anything right now. I did finally finish You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I really liked it! Not sure what I'm going to read next, I might end up ordering some new books, because that's the easiest way for me to get books now. A book store that I used to shop at sometimes, closed. :( It wasn't super close to me, about an hour but, it was closer than Barnes and Noble which is like two hours. Kind of bummed about it. 

Watching: I've been on a HUGE HGTV kick right now. I've also been watching Gossip Girl a lot lately, since I haven't been sleeping very well. And then all weekend I binge watched Halloween movies. 

Thinking About: Honestly, there are so many things on my mind. 

Loving: Not really sure what I'm loving this week. 

What are you currently up to? Let me know in the comments!


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