My Favorite iPhone Apps // Photo Editing & More!

If you guys are anything like me, then you're probably just as obsessed with your iPhone as I am. I use my phone for EVERYTHING! Work, keeping my personal life organized, talking to friends, etc. It's always in my hand wherever I go, and my Dad LOVES to tease me about that haha. Because I'm so iPhone obsessed, I thought I'd share with you guys my top five favorite apps. 

1. Bloglovin' 

This is the first app on the list for a reason! The Bloglovin' app makes it SO easy to keep track of all the blogs that I follow. Once you've followed a blog, all the recent posts from that blog, show up on your newsfeed. Once you've read a post, it disappears off of your newsfeed. You can also hit 'save,' just incase you want to read the post later. I also use Bloglovin' on my computer when I'm not on the go. If you want to follow my blog on there, you can click here

2. VSCO 

I use VSCO to edit my photos for Instagram. I try to theme my Instagram feed, so I really like the VSCO filters for that. I think the app has some amazing filters for free, but they also have some that you can purchase, that are pretty cool too. My favorite filters are C1, F2, HB1, and T1. 

3. She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth is my favorite online Bible study, and when I learned that they had an app, I had to get it! I can have my Bible study on the app, bookmark my favorite Bible verses, and make notes about the Bible study. I also love that it has the Bible on the app! They have Bible study plans on the app that you can purchase. This just makes Bible study on the go so much easier! 

4. Mile IQ

This app makes it incredibly easy to track your mileage. Because I own my own business, I have to keep track of my business miles every month. This app runs in the background and uses your phone's GPS to automatically log mileage anytime you go for a drive. You can categorize your drives as business or personal with just a simple swipe, making it incredibly easy to calculate your business miles each month. This has been a lifesaver for me, because tracking my miles was something that I could never remember to do. 

5. Spotify

Ok, so I'm sure that you all know about the Spotify app already, but it is one of my favorites! I am constantly using Spotify on my phone or my computer. I love the app because I can download my playlists and listen to my favorite songs in the car or wherever I am. This is also a great app to use at the gym! 

So those are my favorite apps! Let me know in the comments what your favorite apps are! I'm always looking for new apps to use. :) 

Have a great Wednesday! 

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