Where I Save & Splurge On Beauty Products

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to budgeting for beauty expenses. One person's 'save' is a 'spend' for another. Here are some of the ways I save and splurge on beauty products and habits! 

Splurge: Skincare - I feel like skincare is probably the most important feature one can invest in. I'm at the age where I want to start improving my skincare routine. I'm moving up from acne products to more "grown-up" skincare items. I love splurging on one of my favorite brands from Sephora, Origins. I love their moisturizers and cleansers. 

Save: Foundation - I used to be someone that cringed at the thought of using a drugstore foundation. Now, I'm seriously obsessed with drugstore foundations! One of my all time favorite foundations is the Maybelline Matte & Poreless. The coverage is amazing! 

Splurge & Save: Eyeshadow - This one is tough, because I really love drugstore and high-end eyeshadows. I use both of them. There are times though, that I've been at Sephora and decided that I just needed to splurge on an eyeshadow palette. Sometimes I make impulse decisions in the Sephora checkout's kind of a problem haha. 

Splurge: Mascara - I know that everyone has mixed feelings on this, but I'm ok with splurging on mascara. I've used drugstore mascaras in the past, but I've decided that I really prefer high-end mascaras. My all time favorite is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara. It's amazing!

Save: Lipstick - I really don't see the point in splurging on lipstick. I think drugstore lipstick is just as good as high-end. I also have a bad habit of losing lipsticks or forgetting which lipstick is in what purse. It's cheaper in the long run for me to purchase drugstore lipsticks haha! 

Save: Brushes - I'll be honest and say, I'm really not the best at taking care of my makeup brushes. Plus, as a makeup artist, I have about a million different makeup brushes. I've found the brand Morphe Brushes and they have amazing quality brushes that are super affordable. 

Splurge: Nails - I don't splurge all the time, sometimes I do paint my own nails at home. I did splurge and get acrylic nails, which I loved! Right now I don't have acrylics on, but I'm thinking about getting them done again soon. 

Save & Splurge: Eyebrows - I tweeze my eyebrows at home. I've always been really scared to go and get them done by someone else. I also don't really see the point of paying someone to do my eyebrows. I will splurge when it comes to getting products to fill in my eyebrows, though. I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills products. 

Splurge: Spa Treatments - Because sometimes you just need a relaxing day at the spa. Treat yourself girls! 

So, how do you know when it's ok to splurge? There's an awesome financial app from Personal Capital, that allows you to check your accounts from your phone. So next time you're in Sephora and you want to splurge, you can make sure that you can splurge. :)  

What products or habits do you splurge on? Tell me in the comments!

Have a great Thursday! :) 

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