Coffee Chat: Volume 14

1. I've been fighting the flu this week. 😭😭 It started off with a super sore throat, which caused me to not be able to eat, cough, sneeze, and talk without being in pain. I lived off of water and iced coffee all week haha. I also lost my voice, and I've only been able to communicate with my friends and family by text message. Anyway, I went to the doctor and got some medicine and I'm feeling A LOT better now! 

2. I've been loving watching Vlogmas videos! I wish that I would've done Vlogmas, because I'd love to start vlogging more, but I feel like y'all would get SO bored watching me everyday haha. 

3. I've been working really hard on getting some new designs in the Etsy shop! There's actually a lot of products on sale right now, which you can check out here

4. I'm writing this blog post at 2am. I stayed up watching one of my favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, but then I couldn't fall asleep after the movie was over. So now I'm writing blog posts haha. And shopping online. 

5. I might literally freeze this weekend. It's supposed to be 9 degrees on Sunday. It's also supposed to snow. I'm not ready for this weather!!! 😩

Hope you guys have a great Friday!

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