Reading: Right now, I'm not reading anything. I haven't felt like reading, which makes me really sad because I love to read. One of my goals for 2017, is to make more time for reading. 

Watching: I've started watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. I kind of like it! I'm on season 2. It's funny but kind of weird. Like I don't think the humor would be for everyone. But if you like Tina Fey's kind of humor, then you'll really like it, especially since Tina Fey created the show. 

Thinking About: Coffee. I have a Starbucks frappuccino thing that you can get at the gas station in the fridge, and I'm about to go grab it. Because it sounds super yummy right now! 

Planning: Some new items coming to Cappuccino Design Co next year! I'm so excited!!!! 

Loving: Fluffy pillows! Ohmygoshhhh they're the cutest! You guys can see them in the picture above, along with my Christmas pillows! All of the pillows on my bed are from Target. 😊

What are you currently up to? Tell me in the comments! 

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