Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Reading: Currently not reading anything right now. I'm thinking about starting The Girl On The Train. Not sure yet. 

Watching: I've started watching this show called Continuum on Netflix. I'm on season three right now. I really like this show! It's kind of sciencey kind of futuristic. It's really good! 

Thinking About: So. Many. Things. 

Planning: Some new videos and blog posts for February! So many exciting things happening! 

Loving: Cappuccino. All the cappuccino. I'm actually drinking some right now as I type this blog post haha. 

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments!

Coffee Chat: Volume 20

Friday, January 27, 2017

1. I've been loving cappuccino this week! I drink like two cups of cappuccino everyday haha. I've really been wanting to go to Starbucks, but haven't had a chance to go because my road has been a disaster. My road is basically mud right now. 😒😕

2. So I finished watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix, had some mixed feelings about it. Anyway, I started watching Continuum. So far I'm really liking it! I really like shows like that now, especially after watching Travelers. Anyway, the guy who plays John Murphy in The 100, is also in Continuum! I can't think of his character name though. It's always so funny when you see actors from other shows playing a different character. 

3. Took a much needed break from work this week. I was having one of those weeks where I just didn't feel very creative. And when you don't feel creative, that makes it really hard to write and design! 

4. I've had George Strait on repeat this week! Y'all I want to see him in concert SO BAD

5. It snowed at some point this week...can't remember what day it was haha. 😂 It didn't snow that much, just a dusting. But still. I just can't wait for spring! 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Reading: Not reading anything right now. Finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I really liked it! 

Watching: Still watching Once Upon A Time. I'm on season 5 right now. I'm not sure if I'm liking season 5 though...😕 I just...don't know. If any of you have watched the show, what did you think about season 5? 

Thinking About: Y'all I just have way too much on my mind right now. 

Loving: Coffee. All the coffee.

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

Coffee Chat: Volume 19

Friday, January 20, 2017

1. This has been one of the toughest weeks that I've gone through in a long time. If you read my post on Tuesday, you know that I said goodbye to my horse Misty. My heart is broken. I know that in time, my heart will heal. But right now, I'm just feeling really emotionally drained. 

2. I'm really wishing I had some chocolate and an iced caramel macchiato right now....

3. I've been binge watching the show Once Upon A Time. It is SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Yeah, you know I love something when I use all caps and make the letters bold. 😂 I'm on season 4 right now. I've always loved fairytales and that just makes me love this show even more. I think I like the show too, because I'm a writer and I love the creativity that has went into writing this show. The writers have an amazing imagination! 

4. I really need to stop over thinking situations...Y'all if over thinking burned calories I'm pretty sure I'd be invisible. 😂😝

5. I downloaded an app for my cats to play with on my iPad. Yep, I've officially reached crazy cat mom status. Actually...I probably reached that status quite awhile ago. Also, speaking of the app, Skunk and Phoebe couldn't figure it out. Thankfully the app was free! 

I hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 

Girl Boss Guide: Putting Your Ideas Into Action

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So, you have this awesome idea for your business...what should you do with it? That's what I'm going to help you answer today! As a creative entrepreneur, I feel like my mind is constantly full of new ideas. Sometimes, it can be really overwhelming! I'm going to share with you some simple tips on putting those ideas into action. These tips are great for someone who is just starting out with their brand in the business world, but they're also great for someone who already has an established brand, but would like to expand their brand. 

Let's first start out by answering a few questions: 

1. Is your idea something you'll enjoy doing?
2. Will it make you money?
3. Can you expand your dream client/reader/customer reach?

If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, you're ready to put your idea into action!

Now, what should you focus on first? Personally, I like to start out by focusing on the quickest way that I can get paid. Hey, a girls gotta pay her bills! Just being honest here! You can't just sit around and wait on your income to come flowing in, you gotta earn it

Is your idea something you'll enjoy doing? Let's say you see another person doing something for their brand. Maybe their brand is more established and has a bigger audience. Just because you see someone else doing it, doesn't mean you need to do it too! Make sure that your idea is something that you'll love doing. Because what's the point of doing something that doesn't make you happy

The last thing to think about is expanding to your dream clients/readers/customers. When you have a larger audience, the more people you'll be able to reach out to. Connect with. And more people to market your service or products to. 

One more tidbit of advice - don't sit around and wait on your idea to become 'perfect.' Honestly, your service or product will never be 100% perfect. And that's ok! But the longer you wait on taking action, the more likely you are to put that idea on the back burner and eventually just not work on it at all. If you never try, you'll never know. Your idea might just be the next big thing! 

Do you have any tips that you'd like to add? Please share them in the comments! And make sure to share this on Pinterest! :)



Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Reading: Still reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I haven't had much time to read these past few days, been designing a lot and working on other things. Going to try and read more this week!

Watching: I've been LOVING the show Once Upon A Time. I'm just about ready for season 3. I've been staying up too late watching it and drawing fashion sketches haha. 

Thinking About: My sweet horse Misty. She passed away yesterday. She was 38 years old, which is a really long time for a horse to live. She was such a sweet horse. I love her and miss her very much. My heart is broken... 

Planning: Some future blog posts. Future videos. Work stuff haha. 

Loving: Cappuccino. All the cappuccino. 

What are you currently up to? Tell me in the comments! 

Where I Base My Worth

Monday, January 16, 2017

Ladies, too often we are looking to find our worth in the wrong places. We seek approval from our friends, family, co-workers and even our followers on social media. Too often we compare our lives to unrealistic expectations and we end up being disappointed when our lives don't live up to those "goals." We are constantly trying to win the approval of others and not focusing on pleasing the one who created us, God. We think that because we get a bunch of likes on a picture, that it's going to satisfy us. That we're going to feel good. While that may be true, we're always going to want more likes. More followers.
I'll be honest and say that I've found myself wanting to live up to "goals" or expectations, instead of living the way God wants me to. Too many times have I found myself shopping somewhere that I can't afford, just to be able to take a trendy Insta picture. I really had to sit myself down and remind myself that one day, all of these things aren't going to matter. Because when we are standing before Jesus, everything that glittered here on earth will rapidly turn to dust beneath our feet. Jesus doesn't love our clothes or our houses. He loves us. He loves me. He loves you. He loved all of us so much, that He allowed His own son, Jesus Christ, to come into this world and die for us just so we can be saved from our selfish sins. That is just…wow! That is so much love. We are so undeserving of that sacrifice.
This world that we live in tries to trick us into thinking we are unloved and unworthy. Oh, how that is far from true! You are loved and you are worthy. You were created by God, the very same God who created the entire universe. How amazing is that? Money can be lost and trends will fade, but worth found in Jesus will last forever. God's love for us is eternal, nothing about Him is temporary. Unlike fashion trends -- those come and go pretty quickly.
The next time you find yourself searching for approval, look to the one who created you. We are worth so much to our Savior, not that He needs us, but that He wants us. When you begin to base your worth in the right places, amazing things can and will happen. Remember, the Savior of the world thought you were worth dying for.
“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

Coffee Chat: Volume 18

Friday, January 13, 2017

1. My coffee pot quit working this week 😭😭😭 But don't worry guys, I already got a new one haha! I literally got the new one the same day the old one quit working. I didn't get anything fancy for my coffee pot, because honestly as long as it makes coffee I don't really care what brand it is. 

2. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is out on Netflix today! I loved the book series and I'm really excited to watch it on Netflix. 

3. Apparently there's an ice storm coming this weekend. UGH. So ready for spring! 

4. Speaking of ice storm, I was supposed to do makeup this weekend, but because of the weather the makeover got canceled. 😭 Winter is hard when your job requires you to drive to places. 

5. I've been designing A LOT for the Etsy shop! I can't wait for you guys to see the new designs!

I hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 

Bedroom Makeover: The Process Has Begun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
If you've been following my blog for a long time, I'm talking back on my first blog, so a really long time, you would know that redecorating my bedroom is something that I've wanted to do forever! It all started by wanting to redo my bedroom at my parents house but then I ended up moving in with my Grandparents, and since I've been officially living with them for awhile, I decided that I wanted to paint my room at their house! I began searching Pinterest like crazy, trying to find the perfect bedroom style. I really had no idea what I wanted to do! 

I knew for sure that I wanted to somehow get rid of that ugly yellow wallpaper. I've hated that wallpaper for YEARS! No offense if yellow wallpaper with mini pastel flowers is your thing, it's just not my cup of tea. I ended up going with a super pretty grey, Pebble Grey to be exact. This color is perfect because it's not too dark. My bedroom is kind of small, so this works out perfectly and actually makes the room feel bigger. The tricky part was going to be to figure out if we (my Grandma and I) should remove the wallpaper or just go ahead and paint. We ended up just painting over the wallpaper because it was super smooth. I don't necessarily reccomened that you try painting over wallpaper, and if you do try it and it doesn't work out as good as it did for me, don't hate me. I didn't say you should try it! 

Like I said, the grey really made my room feel a lot more open! It also makes the whites in my room stand out, the furniture and the molding. The wall color also matches my carpet, which I'm kind of wishing I didn't have. I don't know, carpet is nice, but I also wish that I had the laminate wood flooring that is in the rest of the house in my room too. Maybe one day. 

In the picture below, you can see a picture of the ugly wallpaper. Now, I wouldn't recommend that you paint over wallpaper, it honestly just depends on the wallpaper. In my room, the wallpaper was very smooth, no bubbles anywhere and no tearing in the paper. The wallpaper was also a light color, and we were painting it a darker color so that helped too. Normally, you should take the wallpaper off before painting though. 

There's still quite a bit that I want to do with my bedroom, such as replace the light fixture. I also need to get new pillows for my bed and some wall decor. I don't think I'll end up getting new furniture, right now anyway, I'm pretty happy with the furniture that I have. Plus I love having a wardrobe, even though there's no entrance to Narnia in it. I know I've made that reference on my blog way too many times, but it never gets old! 

The picture below was taken back in Decemeber. Don't worry, I've taken my Christmas tree down now. 😜

I will definitely keep you guys updated on my bedroom makeover process! I think this would be a fun little blog series. Also, I need ideas for what to hang above the bed. A little shelf? A picture? Give me some ideas please! 

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reading: I've started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I haven't read very much of it yet, but so far I'm really liking it! 

Watching: In Friday's post I told you guys that I was watching The 100, well I finished season 3. I binge watched the show all weekend. 😂 I'm ready for season 4, which I don't think is even on TV yet. I could be wrong on that though. But The 100 is such a GOOD show! Anyway, I started watching Once Upon A Time and so far I'm LOVING it. 

Thinking About: Right now I'm thinking that an iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks sounds really good. 😋💗

Planning: So many things! Things for the Etsy shop, my YouTube channel, my blog. I'm working on so many different things that I can't wait for you guys to see! 😊

What are you currently up to? Tell me in the comments! 

Have a great Tuesday! 

Inspirational Quotes For Girl Bosses #3

Monday, January 09, 2017
One thing about me, is that I love inspirational/motivational quotes. I have one as my desktop background, they're written down on sticky notes throughout my office, and they're also pinned on my bulletin board. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you going! That's why today I'm sharing even more inspirational quotes for girl bosses. 

For even more inspirational girl boss quotes, follow my girl boss. board on Pinterest! 

Hope you have a great Monday! 

Coffee Chat: Volume 17

Friday, January 06, 2017

1. I've started watching this show called The 100. It's SO good! Some parts of the show are kind of intense, but otherwise it's a really good show. If you're into shows that take place in the future, I think you'll really like The 100. 

2. The insomnia struggle has been real this week. My days and my nights are confused. I've been going to bed at about 4 or 5 in the morning. I've also had a lot on my mind lately, and that really doesn't help me sleep. I'm really thankful for caffeine helping me function this week. 

3. It snowed this week. UGH. I'm just ready for warmer weather and Spring!

4. I can't wait to travel later this year! I'm so excited! OH that makes me think, have any of you guys used airbnb? I've been thinking that I would use airbnb instead of getting a hotel. I was just kind of wondering if any of my blog readers used it before. 

5. As I'm typing this blog post, I have my Spotify playlist on. Colbie Caillat Fallin' For You just came on. This songgggg and all the feels y'all. 💗 

I hope you guys have a great Friday! And a great weekend! :) Also, can we just talk about how I posted everyday this week?! Kind of proud of myself! 


Ins & Outs #11

Thursday, January 05, 2017
It's bee a little while since I've done an ins and outs post. Thought it was time to bring it back to the blog! 


Planner Stickers: I'm back to using my Erin Condren planner and using planner stickers! I actually just ordered a whole bunch of stickers yesterday. 😳 One of my favorite sticker shops, Glam Planner, has a buy sale and trade group on Facebook. This girl (me) was in the group buying up a storm yesterday! I got some stickers that I had missed when they were available in the shop, back when I really wasn't using my Erin Condren that much. I can't wait for my stickers to get here! 

Coffee Mugs: Y'all, I'm really into coffee mugs right now. Specifically customized coffee mugs. I've been working on some custom designs for other people, and I've also been trying to create a custom coffee mug for myself. Did you know that it is 100 times easier to do custom work for someone else than it is for yourself? Seriously! I can't decide what custom design I want on my own coffee mug. I do really like this pink eyelash coffee mug that's available in the shop!

Reading: I got some new e-books the other night, and I have to say, I'm really liking reading e-books. I was always the type of person who needed to have a physical book, but everyone would always talk about how they liked e-books better. I'm not sure if I prefer reading e-books better, but it is a lot handier to just buy a book and download it. I also love that I read them on my iPad and that I don't need to get a Kindle. I have nothing against the Kindle's, I almost bought one a few years ago, but since I have my iPad now, I don't really need one! 


Stress: This has honestly been one of the most stressful weeks that I've had in a long time. I know that I mention that I'm under stress a lot, but this week, wow. Just wow. So much stuff has been going on. It's stuff that I really can't talk about on the blog. I'm just really hoping that everything gets better soon! Also, does anyone have any tips on dealing with stress? 

Snow: It snowed last night. UGHHHH. I really don't want snow. I just want Spring to get here!

Insomnia: Ohmygoshhhh y'all my insomnia has been SO BAD lately! Basically, I've battled with insomnia for awhile, and it seems like it comes and goes. My sleep schedule will be great for a few months and then BOOM, back to not sleeping. I've been staying up until 4am this week. To say that I'm exhausted is an understatement. Anyone got any tips on dealing with insomnia? 

Yay! More ins than outs! I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

Happy Legs Club - Review!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017
You guys know how when you go to the store, and you walk down the razor aisle, and you're just overwhelmed? You get there and you can't remember which razor you've been using, and there's so many different ones, it's honestly stressful going shopping for a razor! That's why today I'm so excited to share my new favorite thing with you guys, Happy Legs Club. 

Happy Legs Club is a monthly razor subscription service. You pick a premium razor, a plan, and you'll get new razor blades sent directly to your door every two months. Plus, it's super affordable, prices start at $4 a month! How awesome is that?! No more going to the store and getting all confused in the shaving aisle! 

The razor that I've been using is the "Hey Hey" razor. I really like this razor because it has a metal and rubber handle. It's super sturdy. It also has 5 stainless steel blades, and one bikini trimmer. It also has a vitamin e and aloe vera strip, which makes my legs super smooth. 

I absolutely love the packaging that my razor and blades arrived in. There's nothing better than positive quotes and bright, fun, happy colors! 

Are you ready to join the Happy Legs Club? Sign up here. Use the code CHELSEAMAKEUP14 to get 10% off your order! 

Make sure you are following them on Instagram and Twitter

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 


Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Reading: Right now I'm not reading anything, but I did buy some e-books last night and I can't wait to start reading them! 

Watching: I just finished The Carrie Diaries and I LOVED it! I remember watching the first episode on TV when it first came out, but I stopped watching it for some reason. I've always loved the 80's, especially the hair and the fashion. Now I'm not sure what to watch, any ideas? 

Thinking About: I've been thinking about a lot lately, but right now I'm thinking about pizza. 😂

Planning: Some new items for Cappuccino Design Co! Samples were just ordered and I can't wait to see what they look like! I order samples of everything before I put the items in the shop, gotta make sure I like it first before y'all can purchase it! 

Loving: Coffee. All the coffee. 

What are you currently up to? Tell me in the comments! 

How To Slay In 2017 // Keep Your Goals // My Goals For The Year

Monday, January 02, 2017
Happy 2017! 🎉🎉🎉 How is it already 2017? It doesn't seem possible! Firstly, I hope you all had a safe and fun New Years. I didn't really do much to celebrate the New Year, I stayed inside in my pajamas and binge watched The Carrie Diaries on Netflix. I think the most exciting part of the night was that I placed a huge order on Sephora's website. Turn up! 😂 

I say this every year but, I've always been a huge fan of starting a new year, because it's a fresh start and the perfect time to set new goals. 2016 was an amazing year for me! I met some amazing people and made some amazing memories with those people. I stepped out of my comfort zone A LOT. I opened Cappuccino Design Co. It was a pretty productive year! 

Last year, I did really good as sticking with my goals. I was the most motivated and determined that I've ever been. That's why I want to share with you tips that I used last year that helped me keep those goals. I want you guys to have an amazing 2017! So here's some tips on actually sticking to your goals past January 4th... 

Break Them Down. I think breaking up your goals into categories makes them a lot easier to stick to. It helps you focus on more than one goal at a time. I like to break them down into personal, fitness, business, and financial. 

Set Mini Goals. I know that we all want to reach our goals, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when we set too big of a goal. Maybe you're wanting to lose weight, let's say 50 pounds. Instead of focusing on losing that 50 pounds, break it down into mini goals. Say maybe you want to lose 10 pounds each month. That's doable and a lot less stressful than focusing on that big number. Same goes if you're wanting to de-clutter your house. Start with one room at a time, that way it's not so overwhelming.

Put Your Goals Where You Can See Them. Keep your goals somewhere that you can see them everyday, that way you're reminded of what you're working towards. Maybe set them as your computer background? Maybe make a vision board? Or even just keep a list on your desk. 

My Goals: 

These are just some of my goals for 2017. 

Get Organized. I gotta admit, I'm usually a pretty organized person. But since I have an inventory of items for my Etsy shop in my house, things have gotten a bit cluttered. This year I really want to get my office organized and my bedroom. I know that I have a bunch of stuff that I could throw away. I might even share my organization process with you guys, it might make a fun blog series. 

Travel More. This year I really want to travel more. I've been looking at places I want to go, and trying to find the cheapest but nice places to stay. My goal is to also travel to places that I can drive to, I've never been in an airplane and I'm sure if I'm ready to fly in one just yet! I know that I won't be able to stay at a place for very long, maybe a two week trip or something, but I still think it would be a lot of fun to get out and explore different cities. I'm also going to have to narrow down the places that I want to travel to, my list is a mile long! 

Push Myself Creatively. I'm a blogger and a YouTuber, and the community is growing quickly! It can be hard to stand out from everyone else. This year I am going to focus on how I can grow my blog and YouTube channel and stand out from everyone else. I already have some projects in the works, and I can't wait for you guys to see what I have planned! 

Read More. I love to read! And this year I really want to read more. I've recently discovered e-books since I got my iPad, and I actually like it. I was always someone that had to physically hold the book to read, but I'm really starting to like the whole e-book thing. I also want to share with you guys the books that I'm reading, and I'll be doing that soon here on the blog. 

Those are just some of my goals for this new year. I am so excited for 2017! I just know that it is going to be an amazing year! I hope that you guys found my tips helpful. 

Now it's your turn! Tell me in the comments your goals for 2017! What are you hoping to achieve in 2017? 

Have a great Monday!