Happy Legs Club - Review!

You guys know how when you go to the store, and you walk down the razor aisle, and you're just overwhelmed? You get there and you can't remember which razor you've been using, and there's so many different ones, it's honestly stressful going shopping for a razor! That's why today I'm so excited to share my new favorite thing with you guys, Happy Legs Club. 

Happy Legs Club is a monthly razor subscription service. You pick a premium razor, a plan, and you'll get new razor blades sent directly to your door every two months. Plus, it's super affordable, prices start at $4 a month! How awesome is that?! No more going to the store and getting all confused in the shaving aisle! 

The razor that I've been using is the "Hey Hey" razor. I really like this razor because it has a metal and rubber handle. It's super sturdy. It also has 5 stainless steel blades, and one bikini trimmer. It also has a vitamin e and aloe vera strip, which makes my legs super smooth. 

I absolutely love the packaging that my razor and blades arrived in. There's nothing better than positive quotes and bright, fun, happy colors! 

Are you ready to join the Happy Legs Club? Sign up here. Use the code CHELSEAMAKEUP14 to get 10% off your order! 

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Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 

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