Ins & Outs #11

It's bee a little while since I've done an ins and outs post. Thought it was time to bring it back to the blog! 


Planner Stickers: I'm back to using my Erin Condren planner and using planner stickers! I actually just ordered a whole bunch of stickers yesterday. 😳 One of my favorite sticker shops, Glam Planner, has a buy sale and trade group on Facebook. This girl (me) was in the group buying up a storm yesterday! I got some stickers that I had missed when they were available in the shop, back when I really wasn't using my Erin Condren that much. I can't wait for my stickers to get here! 

Coffee Mugs: Y'all, I'm really into coffee mugs right now. Specifically customized coffee mugs. I've been working on some custom designs for other people, and I've also been trying to create a custom coffee mug for myself. Did you know that it is 100 times easier to do custom work for someone else than it is for yourself? Seriously! I can't decide what custom design I want on my own coffee mug. I do really like this pink eyelash coffee mug that's available in the shop!

Reading: I got some new e-books the other night, and I have to say, I'm really liking reading e-books. I was always the type of person who needed to have a physical book, but everyone would always talk about how they liked e-books better. I'm not sure if I prefer reading e-books better, but it is a lot handier to just buy a book and download it. I also love that I read them on my iPad and that I don't need to get a Kindle. I have nothing against the Kindle's, I almost bought one a few years ago, but since I have my iPad now, I don't really need one! 


Stress: This has honestly been one of the most stressful weeks that I've had in a long time. I know that I mention that I'm under stress a lot, but this week, wow. Just wow. So much stuff has been going on. It's stuff that I really can't talk about on the blog. I'm just really hoping that everything gets better soon! Also, does anyone have any tips on dealing with stress? 

Snow: It snowed last night. UGHHHH. I really don't want snow. I just want Spring to get here!

Insomnia: Ohmygoshhhh y'all my insomnia has been SO BAD lately! Basically, I've battled with insomnia for awhile, and it seems like it comes and goes. My sleep schedule will be great for a few months and then BOOM, back to not sleeping. I've been staying up until 4am this week. To say that I'm exhausted is an understatement. Anyone got any tips on dealing with insomnia? 

Yay! More ins than outs! I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

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