Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Reading: Still not reading anything this week. I really want to start reading again! 

Watching: Still watching Zoo. I'm on season 2 right now, and honestly, I'm not feeling season 2. 

Thinking About: All. The. Things. 

Planning: New items for Etsy! 

Loving: Coffee and cats 💖

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

Coffee Chat: Volume 23

Friday, February 24, 2017

1. It's so gloomy outside today. 😩 And it was snowing earlier. It didn't stick to the ground, thankfully! But like y'all, Missouri weather is so confusing. One day it's 70 degrees, the next day it's snowing. I know it is still February, but still! I want Spring!! 

2. I've been writing a lot this week. Not my book, just random things. They've actually been turning out really good. I've just had a lot on my mind and heart lately. I might post some of the writings on Twitter or something. They're just short little tidbits, but they have some good advice. In my opinion. 

3. A pillow and bathmat went to their new homes today. 💖 Currently waiting on the ink in the thank you cards to dry. Yes, I do write out personalized thank you cards for each order. Customer service is VERY important to me! 

4. I need to paint my nails, but I just don't want to haha. 😂 I really don't like painting my nails. It just takes forever for the nail polish to dry and it's just a pain in the booty!

5. Debating on if I should make another pot of coffee...Hmmm...I probably should. 🙈

I hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 😀

Ins & Outs #12

Thursday, February 23, 2017
Y'all, it feels like it's been forever since I've posted an ins and outs post. Decided to bring it back today!


-Warm Weather

The weather this week has been gorgeous! Well...Until today. It's a little windy and chilly out. There's also a chance of snow tomorrow. The joys of living in Missouri! 😂 Well, actually the joys of living anywhere in the Midwest really haha. Anyway, when the weather was nice, I got out and went for a walk through the pasture. It's seriously one of my favorite things to do. Grab my journal, my phone (mostly for pictures), put on my boots, and just go. And of course, the cats usually follow me to the pasture too. 

-My Car

I really hadn't planned on mentioning my car too much online, but I did get a car! I was looking online one night, and came across this car and I just knew that it was the one for me. I'm the kinda person that once I like something, I just know it's for me haha. Does that make sense? Is anyone else like that? Or am I just weird? 😂 I'm like that with A LOT of things! Anyways, I liked the color (white) and I just liked how the car looked. It's very sporty and very girly. Plus, it has leather seats and black interior. Which I ALWAYS knew that my dream car would be white exterior with black interior. Basically, I had my mind made up before I even test drove the car!! I'm very excited about having my own car and I'm very thankful that I was able to get it. 💖 

-Drawing On My iPad

I took a little break from drawing for awhile, I just wasn't feeling inspired or creative. Well, this week I've been drawing on my iPad like crazy! I'm thinking about listing some of my drawings on Etsy? I don't know, just an idea I had. Last night I was up super late drawing on my iPad haha. 



I've been getting SO MANY emails, and it's so hard keeping up with them! I feel like all I've done lately is delete and answer emails haha. 


I think I spend too much time thinking. 🙈 

But in all seriousness though, if overthinking burned calories, I'd be invisible. 

That's it for my ins and outs this week! Hope y'all have a great Thursday! 

Girl Boss Guide: Getting Out Of A Slump

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As a blogger, YouTuber, and Etsy shop owner, I understand sometimes it's easy to fall into a slump. You go through times where you're super productive, just working away. And then there are the times when you're feeling down about your business, and it really effects your productivity. Honestly, it sucks. Here are my top tips for getting out of a slump! 

-Clear Your Mind

This is usually the main cause for me falling into a slump, I just have too many thoughts buzzing around in my mind. My mind is constantly thinking! And while that can be good, it can also be a pain in the booty. When I'm in a slump, those thought tend to turn negative. Clearing your mind is a great way to get out of a slump. You just gotta get rid of all those negative thoughts in your mind, that could potentially hold you back. 

Take a moment to be by yourself and just take a few deep breaths. Go for a walk outside. Take a bubble bath and light some candles. Do yoga. It doesn't matter how you do it, just as long as you find a way to clear your mind of those negative thoughts. Once you've gotten rid of those negative thoughts, you'll be feeling nice and refreshed! 

-Make Some Time For You

I'm the kind of person that feels like I constantly have to be working. A girls gotta pay the bills! But, working all of the time is exhausting. Sometimes you just gotta take a break. I can hear some of y'all saying "Chelsea, I don't have time to take a break!" Girl, you betta make some time! It's so important to take some time for you and de-stress. 

Take some time to do what you love, whether it's writing, dancing, whatever it may be. I personally love turning up some music and having a dance party while I clean my house. Cleaning is VERY therapeutic for me haha. Do you what you love, or you'll find yourself frazzled and overworked. Nobody wants to feel that way! 

-Think About The Good Times

When you're in a slump, it can be so easy to tear yourself down and tear your business down. You'll find yourself comparing your business to other businesses and just having too many negative thoughts. Not good! 

When I get this way, I like to go back and think about why I started my business in the first place. I think about why I love working on my business and why I love my business. It gets me motivated to work, and because I'm so focused on working, those negative thoughts just go away! 

I hope these tips helped y'all out! If you have any tips on what you do to get out of a slump, please share them in the comments! 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading: I'm not reading anything right now. I have so many books that I want to read, but I just haven't felt motivated to read any of them. I had a certain number of books that I wanted to read, but I'm not even close to that goal. 😭

Watching: I've started watching this show called Zoo or something like that. It's on Netflix. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I like the show, but the concept kinda weirds me out. I just don't know y'all haha. It's definitely very interesting, so y'all should check it out and see what you think!

Thinking About: All. The. Things. 

Planning: My Sunday school lesson for this week, new releases in the Etsy shop, blog posts, videos, projects I'm working on, and some other things. 

Loving: Coffee and fuzzy blankets 💖

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 


Thursday, February 16, 2017

I know that I haven't blogged much this week, sorry about that! I've just been taking a little break from blogging, and just trying to figure out what content I want to put on my blog. And I got to figure out a blogging schedule! That is literally the hardest thing to do. 

Reading: Not reading anything right now. I have so many books that I need to read, but I just can't get motivated to read them. 

Watching: Not watching anything right now. I just don't know what I want to watch!

Thinking About: SO MANY THINGS. 

Planning: New items for the Etsy shop and some other fun projects!

Loving: Iced coffee, my car, and my boots! 

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

Coffee Chat: Volume 22

Friday, February 10, 2017

1. Iced caramel macchiatos are ahhhhmazing 😊

2. The weather today is GORGEOUS! It's 52 degrees out. In FEBRUARY! Like, what?! I've been outside a little bit today enjoying the weather, which is why this blog post is up super late. 🙈

3. I've been really wanting to go on a road trip lately. I don't know where, I just want to get in the car and drive. Maybe a drive through the country would be nice? Of course it'd have to be early, since I don't drive at night very well. 

4. My new business cards came today! I ordered some new ones, because my old ones just weren't me anymore. They needed major updating before I go to an event later this month! Anyways, the new cards are super pretty! 💗

5. I've drank four cups of coffee today. And you guys know, I'm drinking that espresso roast. I've got so much energy, I feel like I could run a marathon! 😂 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 


Wednesday, February 08, 2017

I know, I usually post currently posts on Tuesday. But my Tuesday didn't quite go as I had expected haha. I had to run a bunch of errands, I wanted to get the oil changed in the car before it snowed today, and blogging just wasn't the number one thing on my mind yesterday! So y'all are getting a currently post on a Wednesday! Switching it up this week!

Reading: Not reading anything right now. I have a bunch of books that I need to read, but I just don't have the time to read right now! I used to read at night, but right now at night I've been drawing for some projects that I'm working on. 

Watching: I can't remember if I told y'all or not, but I finished Continuum. Not gonna post any spoilers, but it didn't end like I thought it would! Now I'm not sure what I want to watch haha. Any recommendations? 

Thinking About: All the things haha 😂

Planning: Some new items for my Etsy shop! 

Loving: Iced coffee. All the iced coffee. And a car that I saw yesterday that I really wish I could buy. 😂 Oh and the Starbucks cup in the picture. I got it for Christmas a couple years ago and I love it! 

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

Coffee Chat: Volume 21

Friday, February 03, 2017

1. Y'all are probably going to think I'm crazy, but I have been LOVING the espresso roast from Starbucks. It's a dark roast, which most of the time I drink a medium roast like the Pikes Place. But I ran out of coffee on Tuesday or Wednesday (can't remember which day haha) and of course being in a small town, they don't have very many options for Starbucks. The struggle was real, y'all! Well I ended up getting the espresso roast, and it's REALLY GOOD! I think I'll probably use it to make iced caramel macchiatos at home, but for now I'm all about the plain espresso. 

2. I got the eucalyptus essential oil and I love it! I've been mixing three drops of lavender with three drops of eucalyptus. It creates a calming spa-like scent, and it's also supposed to help headaches. I kind of think it's helped with the headaches, not really sure. 

3. Sorry I didn't blog much this week! Right now, I'm just trying to figure out what content I want on my blog. I'm also trying to figure out a good blogging schedule. 

4. Speaking of schedules, I'm trying to figure out a good social media schedule. It's honestly really difficult when your working on your own social media along with trying to work on your Etsy shop's social media. I'm just trying to figure out a good balance. Like this week, I've been posting on Instagram a lot more because I felt like I had been neglecting it haha. 

5. Ok y'all this is really random, but I can hear a cow mooing outside right now! 😂 I don't know why, but it just made me laugh haha! The joys of living on a farm! Except, I don't have any cows on my farm. Must be one of the neighbors cows that I'm hearing. 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend!