Coffee Chat: Volume 24

1. This week has seriously been the best/funnest week ever! 😊

2. I recently tried a Lipsense lipstick, and I am seriously OBSESSED! I love that I can eat and drink, and still have lipstick on. I got the color Precious Topaz. 

3. I need to take my car to the car wash so bad! The poor thing is so dirty right now. 😭 The joys of having a white car. 

4. OH so last Sunday, I did a bridal fair! It was so much fun! I'm actually planning on doing a blog post talking about it. So keep your eyes open for that! 

5. Debating about what I should do with my hair...Part of me wants to keep growing it out, but part of me thinks I should cut it. Thoughts? 

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 

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