Coffee Chat: Volume 26

1. Starting this post on an extremely sad note...My parents dog Frosty passed away suddenly early Thursday morning. She had a heart attack, which I'm not sure why because she was in good health and everything. Even though she was technically my parents dog, I was really close to her. I was just talking to my Mom the other day, about how I wanted to come visit Frosty sometime, which just makes this situation even more heartbreaking. 

2. On a happier note, I had a really fun week with friends! You guys know, I don't get too personal here on the blog, but it's been a really fun week. 😊

3. I feel drained this morning...I think it's just because I'm still in shock over losing Frosty. I don't know... 

4. It's going to be 70 degrees today! Wooooo! 

5. I need more coffee. Give me all the coffee. 😂

I hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 

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