My Favorite iPhone Apps // Lifestyle, Games & More! (Part 2!)

Around this time last year, I did a blog post discussing my favorite iPhone apps. I'm back today, sharing even more of my favorite iPhone apps. I feel like I'm always on my phone. It's my way of keeping organized and doing work from my phone on the road. These are my current top five favorites! 

1. Poshmark 

I'm sure you guys are pretty familiar with Poshmark, as it's a pretty popular app. I'm fairly new to the app, but so far I am loving it! It's a great way to sell name brand items that you have in your closet or makeup collection, that you're not using anymore. I currently have some makeup products and clothes for sale on there. My shop is @chelseamakeup14 if you'd like to check out the items! I also have a referral code to get $5 off! Use the code CHELSEAMAKEUP14

2. Mint 

I really like Mint because it's great for keeping track of your finances. It's great for keeping track of what money you have going in and going out. I really like that I can also keep track of my bills on there too. You can also set budgets. So for example, I'm a huge Starbucks lover so I have a budget set up for what I can spend on coffee each month. Because let's be real, coffee can get expensive! 

3. IBotta

I'm fairly new to using IBotta but I wish that I would've found it sooner! I've been trying to save money when it comes to groceries, so using IBotta you get cash back on select items from different stores. Stores include Target, Walmart, Walgreens and more. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipts and IBotta will match your receipts to the items you selected. I do have a referral code for you guys, you can get a $10 bonus! Just use the code mdoyryf

4. Etsy

Not only do I sell items on Etsy, I also do quite a bit of shopping on there! I love buying things from small business and just supporting small businesses. I really love using the Etsy app. I can keep track of my favorites and keep track of what items I have in my cart. It's super easy to use! 

5. Design Home 

I've been obsessed with this app lately! I love it because you can design rooms. And they have different challenges, like design a modern room or tropical patio. It's quite a lot of fun!

Those are five more of my favorite apps! Let me know in the comments what your favorite apps are! 

Have a great Monday!

XO, Chelsea 

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