Coffee Chat: Volume 35 (Road Trip Edition!)

1. I know, it's been awhile since I've posted here on the blog. When I was out in Las Vegas and Phoenix, I didn't have access to wifi, which made working very difficult! J and I road tripped out to Vegas in November, and like the amazing blogger I am (*insert eye rolls here*), this post is now going up four months after our trip. Oops! 

2. The road trip ended up being about three days. We started out driving through Nebraska, which I didn't take any pictures in Nebraska. I was still half asleep, and so I mostly just drank coffee and ate doughnuts. After Nebraska, we headed to Wyoming. In Wyoming, we stopped and ate a burger with one of J's friends that lives out that way. Oh, I wish I could remember the name of the burger place in downtown Cheyenne! It was such a cute little place and the food was SO yummy! 

3. This was my first trip out west, and also my first time seeing mountains! I couldn't get over how beautiful the mountains are! While driving through Utah, we stopped at this rest stop that also had a lookout area. The view was seriously breathtaking! I literally took a million pictures at this spot. 

4. Day 3 of the trip was...interesting. We drove through Arizona for just a little bit, to get to Nevada. Right as soon as we crossed into Arizona, we heard a loud POP. J and I were both like, "What the heck?!" A tire blew out. We were barely five miles into Arizona, we could still see the Arizona sign from where we were pulled over. We weren't sure if this was a sign or just a weird thing that had happened haha. J got out and put the little doughnut tire on, and we drove for a little bit to find a Walmart to get the tire changed. Thankfully, we just blew a tire and it wasn't anything super serious, but it was still very frustrating! 

5. Let's talk about Vegas! First of all, I had SO MUCH fun there! It was a little overwhelming for this small town girl, especially on the strip and Fremont street. Looking at the lights was really neat. We didn't zipline or anything like that on Fremont street, just because this girl doesn't do heights! We got to watch and cheer on K at the speedway in Vegas. He got 2nd place, which was awesome! And then because we were out there around Christmas time, we got to go see Christmas lights around the Speedway, which was so neat!! OH and I got to see J sing in Vegas, which was so cool! Yeah, I guess you could say I had quite a bit of fun in Vegas haha! 

So that's my little catch up post. I am planning on filming and blogging more, so make sure you guys are following me on social media to know when I post! 

Hope you guys are having a great Thursday! 😊

XO, Chelsea 

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