Coffee Chat: Volume 39

1. I have had four cups of coffee today, and I'm still tired! I'm just exhausted today for some reason. It doesn't help that it's cloudy out today. 

2. It's finally fall! And it's finally feeling like fall outside. I kind of love it. 💗 I really want to get some more fall candles from Bath and Body Works. And I need to decorate my house for fall! 

3. I'm getting a gel manicure this week, and I'm pretty excited about it! I have no idea what color polish I want. Maybe a fall color? Or my go to Bubble Bath by OPI? What nail color are you currently wearing? Tell me in the comments!! 

4. My laptop charger is acting weird. It sometimes wants to charge, and sometimes it doesn't want to charge. I really hope that it doesn't quit me completely! I really don't want to buy a new charger right now. 

5. Have you guys started thinking about what you're going to be for Halloween yet? I haven't really thought about it. I don't even know if I'll dress up this year. Maybe I'll just decorate my house and pass out candy. Even though I never have any trick or treaters! Small town problems haha. So maybe I'll just decorate my house and eat all the candy? 😂

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday! 

XO, Chelsea 

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