Cozy Christmas Eve Sweater!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone! I can't believe that 2019 is almost over. It doesn't seem possible! It doesn't even feel like Christmas here, since all the snow melted. Not complaining though, it's supposed to be super warm today and tomorrow, which will be really nice! 😊 

Today on the blog, I wanted to share this super cozy colorblock sweater! This sweater is super warm, especially with the high neck. The sweater is from SheIn. It comes in different colors, but I got this super pretty orange color. The back is orange, and the sleeves have orange, and the front is cream. 

I'm wearing my Time and Tru jeans from Walmart. These are the comfiest jeans! And they're super stretchy, which I like. 

I'm also wearing my Arizona riding boots! These are super comfy boots. They have memory foam insoles. And they're on sale right now!! 

I hope you guys all have an amazing holiday! 

XO, Chelsea 

Coffee Chat: Volume 48

Thursday, December 19, 2019

1. It snowed on Sunday! I think we just got around 2 or 3 inches. South of me got around 5 inches. Having snow on the ground finally makes it feel a bit more like December. It just didn't feel like Christmas was coming without snow on the ground! 

2. Life has just been so crazy, we just now got the Christmas tree up! Usually we don't wait this long, it's usually up the day after Thanksgiving or sometimes before. I wanted to take a cute picture of Tom in front of the tree, but he just didn't really care about the tree 😂 Which I guess is kind of a good thing, because he could've cared too much and climbed up in it haha!

3. I have got to get a new phone! I have a 6s right now, and it's been a good phone but I can tell that it's time to upgrade. It won't charge half the time and it won't work half the time. It's just really annoying! No idea which phone I'm going to get yet, though. I do know that it will be another iPhone. J needs a new phone too! His power button fell out! He has a Samsung something, I don't really know anything about phones that aren't iPhone haha 😂 But yeah, the power button fell out. 

4. Is it just me, or does it not feel like it should be time for Christmas? I guess it's just weird because this year went by super fast. I can't believe that it's going to be 2020! It's just crazy!!

5. I think I'm going to drink more coffee. It's a multiple cups of coffee kind of day.

I hope you guys are having a great Thursday!! 😊

XO, Chelsea 

Gift Guide: For Her!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

It's my first gift guide of the season! Today I'm sharing gift ideas for her. Whether it's your mom, sister, or best friend, they are sure to love these gifts! These are also some great ideas for yourself, if you're not sure what to put on your Christmas list! 😊   

Whats on your Christmas list? Tell me in the comments! 😊   

XO, Chelsea 

Links marked with * are affiliate links! All opinions are my own! 

The Coziest Poncho For Fall!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share with you guys this super cozy poncho. I've been seeing ponchos everywhere this fall and had to jump in on the trend too! I wore it to church on Sunday and it was super comfy and cozy. I just knew that I had to share it on my blog! 

So this super cute poncho is from SheIn. I told you guys I've been ordering from there a lot lately! But the clothes are just so affordable and great quality! This poncho is on sale right now for $20. It also comes in red and black. They call it a cape sweater but I call it a poncho sweater. It also comes up really high on the neck, which I like for this time of year when it's getting chilly.

The jeans I'm wearing are from Time and Tru at Walmart. I wear these all the time! They're just so comfy. And it looks like they're on sale right now too! 

For boots I'm wearing the pair that I shared on the blog last week. These are my favorites for fall! I have them in the shade Cognac and they also come in Black. They're from JC Penney. I'm really bummed because they're not sale anymore! 😢 But I'm sure they will be on sale again because JC Penney has great sales! 

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday! It's so weird looking at these pictures because they were just taken on Sunday, and now there's an inch of snow on the ground. But it's supposed to be back in the 50's next week, so that won't be too bad! What's the weather like where you are? 😊

XO, Chelsea 

Favorite Fall Boots! & Outfit Of The Day!

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to share my new favorite fall boots and also share an outfit of the day. I wore this outfit over the weekend and I was just obsessed with it! I knew that I had to do a blog post on it. This post isn't sponsored, I just really wanted to share my outfit and boots with you guys! It was so windy when J was taking these pictures. And I felt really awkward because there was a lady outside too! 😂🙈 

My sweater is from SheIn. I order from there quite a bit because the clothes are amazing quality and they're super affordable. I got this sweater in green and white, but they also have it in a tan and white. I really like green, so I knew I had to get the green one! I like that this sweater is a looser fit. And it's super warm and perfect for fall. 

The jeans I'm wearing are from Walmart. They are the Time and Tru brand. I really like how comfy these jeans are! And they're super affordable. 

I'm so excited to share these boots with you guys! These are from JC Penney's. I got them in Cognac but they also come in Black. These boots are SO comfortable! They have memory foam insoles, which is amazing! I got these 50% off and it looks like they're still 50% online. And they have a code BIGSALE4 to get them for $34. Definitely get them while they're still on sale!!  

I hope you guys are all having a great Wednesday! I'm still getting used to the time change. I just can't believe how early it starts getting dark now! It's crazy!!

XO, Chelsea 

Coffee Chat: Volume 47

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

1. It snowed last night! I don't think we got very much, though. It's so crazy to have snow in October. I know for some places that's pretty normal, but not here! I think there's another chance of snow tonight or tomorrow but I'm not sure how much they're calling for. Hopefully not a lot! 

2. Yesterday was such an unproductive day. I had a pretty bad endometriosis flare up, which I haven't had a flare up in awhile but one hit me pretty hard yesterday. I spent most of the day in bed in pain. I don't know if I've really talked about it on the blog, but I have endometriosis. Would you guys be interested in a blog post dedicated to endometriosis and my story? Let me know! 

3. I ordered a 4 bar trial pack from Verb Energy. This isn't sponsored or anything, but if Verb does want to sponsor me that would be awesome! Anyway, I'm obsessed with these bars! My favorite flavor is the salted peanut butter. I love that they have 90 calories and the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso. I also really love that they give me energy but don't give me the jitters. I definitely recommend these! 

4. I've been making all the chocolate covered Oreos lately! I'm just having such a fun time making different colors. Chocolate covered Oreos are just such a fun thing to make! 😊

5. I think I'm gonna make a cup of cappuccino. It's 36 degrees out and I think a cup of cappuccino would be perfect for a cozy night in! 

I hope you guys are having a great Tuesday! 

XO, Chelsea 


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Reading: Not reading anything. I haven't really had any time to read lately. I've thought about listening to a book but I haven't yet. What do you guys use to listen to books? I've heard of a bunch of different apps! 

 Watching: I really don't watch much TV anymore 🙈 I just prefer to listen to podcasts now. 

Planning: So many things! Mostly wedding related things 😊

Thinking About: Literally everything haha. I've been so stressed out lately. I just need to take a deep breath and stop over thinking and know that everything is in Gods hands and things will happen in Gods time, not my time. 

Loving: Fall and Halloween decor! Phoebe loves the decor too! 

What are you currently up to? Let me know in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 

My Outfits Of The Week!

Friday, October 11, 2019
Today on the blog, I thought I would share a few of my outfits from last week. Last week J and I were at a music festival in Nebraska that he was singing at. He also got an award while we were there! We had such a great time at the festival, and it was so much fun seeing all of our festival friends!! 😊

So let's talk outfits now! I am going to try to link as many things as I can. There's a few things that are older that I don't know if I can find a link for, and there's one thing that I got from a local boutique, that I don't know if there will be a link for. But I will try to find it! 

I wish that I had a better picture of my shirt to show all the details! It's the Como Vintage brand, and I picked it up at Tractor Supply Co. How crazy is that? You can actually find some really cute western style clothes at stores like TSC. And they will sometimes have good sales, too! 

The jeans I'm wearing are from Time and Tru, which is a brand at Walmart. I've been loving this brand! They have so many great options and they're really affordable! These jeans are actually jeggings. They are the sculpted jegging. They're super comfortable. 

My sweater is from a local boutique, and sadly I couldn't find it anywhere to link it for you guys! The brand is dreamers, but the a is a little triangle. I think it's a brand that you can usually buy wholesale for boutiques and such. Cause the only websites that even had the brand were wholesale websites. 

My boots are Corral brand. I kind of really love my boots. They're super comfy! Definitely a splurge, but so worth it!! 

For this outfit, everything is the same except for the sweater! It's from SheIn. I've ordered quite a few different things from their website, and I've loved everything that I got. All the clothes are amazing quality, and they're so affordable! I love this sweater because of the baggy fit. 

Same with this outfit, everything is the same except for the shirt! The shirt is from The Mint Julep Boutique. I couldn't find it on their website, though. I also wish that I would've gotten a better picture, to show how it ties in the front. I love the style of this shirt. It's loose and just comfortable. And I love the color! I don't know if I would necessarily wear it with this sweater all the time, but it was cold in the building that the festival was in so I just popped the sweater on. 

So those are just a few of my outfits from last week! Would you guys like to see more posts like this? Let me know in the comments! Hope you guys have a great Friday!! 

XO, Chelsea 

Coffee Chat: Volume 46

Thursday, September 26, 2019

1. I finally have time to sit down and type a blog post! We went to a music festival for a few days last week, got home Sunday for another show Sunday night, and then another show Monday night. And then I've been doing a million loads of laundry, because that's just what happens after a music festival haha 😂 It's been a busy few days!! But that's okay because it's been fun 😊 

2. For some reason when we went to the music festival, I forgot to pack everything. I only grabbed like 2 changes of clothes. No idea how I forgot everything because I usually make a list of what I need. But J forgot his boots, so I wasn't the only one that forgot something!! 😂 Anyway, had to make a run to the Dollar General so I could get some clothes to wear.

3. Also at the festival, it rained a whole bunch. One day they were calling for 2 inches an hour! There was a swamp around the camper. We almost got stuck and almost needed a tractor to come pull our camper out. Apparently it rains every year there, so they are prepared and have tractors on hand for campers that get stuck. 

4. I've been busy making chocolate covered Oreos! I used to make these all the time, and hadn't made them in awhile. Decided to break out the molds and make some!! 

5. I've been trying to post more on Instagram stories! My instagram account is @chelseamakeup14 if you want to follow me 😊 That way you guys can keep up with what I'm doing when I'm not posting on the blog! 

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!! 

XO, Chelsea 

My Amazon Wish List!

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog I thought I would share a few products that are on my Amazon Wish List. I love ordering things off of Amazon, and I'm sure you guys do too! These are all items that I've heard amazing things about. And maybe these will give you some ideas to put on your Amazon Wish List! 😊

1. Halluci Crossband Soft Plush Slippers // I've been seeing these slippers all over Instagram! They just look so comfy and I need them on my feet now! Haha. I know I for sure want these in pink, but I'm also thinking I like the grey pair too. 

2. Daisy Rose Checkered Tote *LV Dupe!* // My dream bag is a LV Neverfull, but I know that if I ever did get one I would be super scared to carry it. Because I would just be really afraid of it getting dirty. So I like that this one is affordable and I wouldn't worry about it getting as dirty, since it doesn't cost as much! 

3. Chase Secret Fleece Pullover // I just think this looks super warm and comfy! I pretty much live in stuff like this all winter. 

4. Daisy Rose Checkered Key Chain Pouch *LV Dupe!* // I need this key chain pouch in my life! I think having these are so handy, just toss your cards in or some cash, grab your keys, and just run a quick errand. And I also love that it's another LV dupe! 

5. Luxury Checkered Cosmetic Bag *LV Dupe!* // I actually really need a real travel makeup bag. The one that I have now is just too bulky. I've cut down my everyday makeup routine so much that I just don't need that much space. This one would be the perfect size! Plus it's a LV dupe!! 

6. Lovaru Boho Open Front Cardigan // I've heard a lot of good things about ordering clothes off of Amazon! I just think this cardigan is super cute and perfect for fall! 

7. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker // I've been looking at tons of different espresso and cappuccino makers. I've also learned how pricey they can be!! This one is still a little pricey, but not terrible. It's something I probably won't splurge on for a little while. I do think it would be nice to have an espresso maker to make various espresso drinks at home. And maybe save a little money not going to get coffees all the time haha! 😂

8. Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers // I really like these storage containers! I also really need more storage containers. Probably wouldn't use these in the camper, but they'd be great for at home! I'm just afraid in the camper they would break. I don't know, I might try them in the camper. I also just really prefer glass containers over plastic containers. 

So those are just a few items on my Amazon Wish List! What is on your wish list? Tell me in the comments below! 

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 

XO, Chelsea

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Reading: Currently reading Adventures For Your Soul by Shannon Kaiser. I've read this book before, and just going through a time in my life where I need to read it again. 

Watching: I haven't really been watching much of anything on TV. I will watch different shows on HGTV every once in awhile. I'd much rather listen to podcasts instead of watching TV. 

Planning: Been planning some fall designs for Coffee Cat Designs, that I can't wait to get released and show you guys! 😊

Thinking About: So many different things. It seems like things have been super stressful lately! 

Loving: Coffee, drawing, and writing. 

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 

Current Favorite Makeup Products!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Today on the blog, I thought I would share some of my current favorite makeup products! I don't really wear makeup much anymore, and when I do wear makeup I keep it really simple. I would like to do a video on my simple makeup routine. Would you guys be interested in that? Let me know! Anyway, I don't like to wear makeup everyday anymore. I've been trying to give my skin a break and a chance to breathe without makeup on! But when I do wear makeup, these are some of my favorite products to use! 

Wet n Wild Photo Focus 3-in-1 Rose Primer Water // I use this product before I apply anything else! This makes a great primer, but I also like to use it just to refresh my face throughout the day. It also smells so good!! 

ELF Poreless Face Primer // I use this after I apply the rose water primer. Yes, I use two primers! This one is great at filling in pores and blurring. It has a matte finish, which I really like. I just really prefer a matte finish. 

ELF 16 Hour Camo Concealer // This is my favorite concealer! It is such a good drugstore concealer. It is full coverage and has a matte finish. I like that it's full coverage, but it doesn't feel super heavy. 

Maybelline Better Skin Powder Foundation // I've always been a huge fan of the Maybelline Better Skin line. I used to use the liquid foundation, but now mostly just use the powder. The Better Skin line has salicylic acid in it, which is used to treat acne. I use this powder as a setting powder. It just gives my face a flawless finish. 

Benefit Precisely, My Brow // I love this brow pencil! It has a fine tip, so it allows you to easily add definition. Lately I've been keeping my brows on the natural side, and just filling it the sparse areas that need a little something.

L.A Colors Show It Off Blush & Highlight Palette // Can you guys believe this palette was only $3 at the Dollar General?! The blushes and highlighters are super pigmented. I love warm tone blushes, especially in the summer. 

Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray // I'm obsessed with this setting spray! It has a matte finish. Are you guys seeing a trend here with the matte products? Haha! I told you I love a matte finish. This is also an extra hold setting spray. I know some people have talked about the scent being really overpowering, but I personally really like it. 

Those are my current favorite makeup products! What are your current favorites? Let me know in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Reading: Not reading anything right now. I need book recommendations! I also can't decide if I want to read on my iPad. I've thought about it, but I just think it would be weird to read on the screen. If that makes sense. 

Watching: I haven't really been watching too much TV lately. J and I have been watching cartoons at night, but that's about it. 

Planning: I've been wedding planning a lot lately! It's been going really good. I want to share some details on the blog, but not too many. Don't want to spoil anything!! I've also been planning some new design ideas for Coffee Cat Designs and Elsie Lane Co

Thinking About: So many things! I've been super stressed lately. Not fun!! 

Loving: Kittens! And coffee. All the coffee. 

What are you currently up to? Share in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 

My Three Favorite Ways To Earn Money Blogging!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

If you're like me, you've always had the dream of working from home. That was always a goal of mine! And I'm so blessed to have that dream be reality. But if you're also like me, you probably thought that dream was unattainable. Good news! It's not! It's definitely possible to earn an income blogging. Here are my three favorite ways to earn money blogging. 

Affiliate Marketing // This one is definitely my favorite way to make money as a blogger. Affiliate marketing is when you are able to share a product that you love, and earn a commission doing it. This is one of the most popular ways make money as a blogger/influencer. There are many different affiliate programs out there. I personally really like using the Amazon affiliate program. 

Ads // I'm sure you've heard of this one already, as it's probably the most used way to make money as a blogger. I wouldn't necessarily recommend using ads if you're new the blogging world, as it does take quite a bit of traffic. But if you have a lot of traffic on your blog, this would be perfect for you! 

Sponsored Posts // As your blog grows, you will probably start getting emails from brands wanting to work with you. And chances are, they'll be wanting you to write a blog post for them. I could do a whole post on what to do if a brand contacts you, if you guys would be interested in that! Something to keep in mind, when a brand contacts you, it's okay to not work with every single one! Don't just work with a brand because you're gonna make a bunch of money from their post. Work with a brand because you trust them and trust the products they're selling. 

So those are my three tips to earn money as a blogger! I hope that these tips help you guys grow your blog, and make your stay at home blogging dream reality! 

XO, Chelsea 

Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray: Review!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Today on the blog I wanted to review the Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face setting spray. This setting spray has been talked about a lot since being released, and has a lot of mixed reviews. So I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! 

About The Product: This is an extra-hold setting spray, and also waterproof. It also gives a matte finish, which I love! This setting spray was inspired by a makeup hack used by drag queens, which is to set their makeup with hairspray. Huda also recommends spraying the setting spray on a beauty sponge, and applying the setting spray to the face that way. I haven't tried this tip yet, I've just been spraying it directly onto my face. 

My Thoughts: I really like this setting spray! I love the matte finish. I also really feel like this setting spray really keeps my makeup on all day. I've worn this setting spray on some pretty hot days, and it has kept my makeup on really well! I know one of the issues that a lot of people have had with this setting spray is the scent. I personally really like the scent. I don't think it's too overpowering. It's very floral and just smells amazing! J even smelled it, and really liked it. I can totally understand not everyone loving the scent, though. I just personally really like it. 

Have you guys tried the Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face setting spray? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 

*This product was sent to me from Influenster and Huda Beauty for review. All opinions are my own! 

My Current Favorite Podcasts!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

I love listening to podcasts! I love to listen to them when I'm on the road, when I'm getting ready, just all the time. So today, I wanted to share with you guys my current favorite podcasts! This is actually part two to a post that I did a couple of years ago. Which I can't believe it's been two years since I posted about my favorite podcasts! That's just so crazy to me! 

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast // This podcast is by Lauryn Evarts Bosstick founder of The Skinny Confidential blog and YouTube channel. And her husband Michael Bosstick is an entrepreneur and also on the podcast. I like their podcast because they're real. Their conversations are completely raw and unfiltered. They talk about all kinds of different business tips, beauty tips, and more! 

Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend // Lauren Conrad's podcast was just released last month, but it's still amazing! I love Lauren Conrad. I have all of her books and have been a fan ever since her days on The Hills! This podcast talks about a little bit of everything from beauty to home decor! 

LightLoveandLace // This podcast is by Marissa Lace, who has been one of my favorite YouTuber's for years! She is such a down to earth and real person. Her podcast is all about spirituality and self love. Her podcast and Instagram have helped me become a much more confident person. I just really love her podcast! 

My Favorite Murder With Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark // I know, everyone is talking about all the true crime podcasts right now! I have to admit, I like listening to them too. This one is definitely my favorite though. Karen and Georgia tell their favorite true crime stories, but when they're telling these stories, they try to not be too serious about it. If that makes sense. I really like this podcast! I wouldn't recommend listening with children around, just because of their language sometimes. 

Do you guys listen to podcasts? What are your favorites? Share in the comments!! 😊

XO, Chelsea 

Waco Trip - Going To The Magnolia Store & More!

Friday, May 31, 2019
Last Tuesday J, my mom, my grandma, and I all drove down to Waco, Texas! We packed up my car and left at about 7 or 8 in the morning. We were going down to Waco because J was singing in the semi finals of the Country Showdown. He didn't win this time, but that was okay because he did really good! And it was so much fun cheering him on! But he was singing on Thursday, so that meant on Wednesday we had some free time to go check out The Silos! And the Magnolia Store!! 

It was actually pretty easy getting to the Silos. Driving in Waco wasn't bad. It wasn't terribly busy. Of course we were there on a week day, so a weekend might be different! Parking wasn't too bad either. We were able to park in the free parking lot right next to everything. It is a gravel lot, and they were also doing some construction in the lot while we were there. The gravel lot is free. There is other parking around the area but some of the other parking areas aren't free. 

When you first walk in, you see all the different kinds of food trucks. Which was so cool! J got a lavender lemonade from the Magnolia food truck and I got a tea from The Alabama Sweet Tea truck. The tea came in a mason jar which I thought was really cute! They had a lot of different food trucks. They had a grilled cheese food truck, and it smelled amazing!! I didn't try it because of my dairy problems, but it sure smelled really yummy! 

At the silos they have a little fake grass area. You can sit there and just hang out, and they also have a spot where you can play corn hole. And they have a covered area where you can sit and eat. It was just really cool to sit there and see everyone having a great time, just hanging out and enjoying good food! 

We saw this painted on the side of the bakery, and just had to take a picture in front of it! 

This picture was taken inside the Magnolia Store! I took quite a few pictures in the store. I just thought the kitchen setup was so cute! The store was pretty busy, even for a weekday. There were so many cute items, so many things that if we had our own house I would definitely have gotten them! Part of the store is air conditioned and part of it is not. Where they have all the t-shirts and stuff like that for sale, is not air conditioned. 

After we left the store, we went to the bakery! There was a wait for the bakery, but it wasn't too bad. And the place where you stand in line, is covered by a tent so it's not too hot. So when you go into the bakery, you get a card to mark what you want just to keep everything moving smoothly. I just thought the bakery was so cute! 

And of course we had to get cupcakes! 😊

After the bakery, we went and checked out the garden seed shop. It was really cute there too! There were cute planters and you could actually buy garden seeds. I think they had succulents for sale there too. 

And then on Thursday, like I mentioned we did go and cheer J on for the semi-finals of the Country Showdown! It was a lot of fun. Got to do lots of dancing! Even though J didn't win, we still had a good time. 

So that was our Waco trip! It was such a fun time! I would definitely like to go back at some point, maybe when J and I have our own house. That way I can actually buy things to decorate my home with! And also to check out more shops in the area! We checked out some, but there were a lot more that we didn't get to go to. 

Hope you guys are having a great Friday!

XO, Chelsea 

Coffee Chat: Volume 45

Friday, May 10, 2019

1. Wedding planning has taken over here! We've also set a wedding date! I don't think I will announce the wedding date on the blog just yet. Or at all. Not sure. Is that sharing too much? But I will definitely share bits and pieces of the wedding planning process here on the blog. I'm so excited!! 💕

2. I'm trying to get outside as much as I can to get a tan. I wanted to have a little tan for my birthday, but I'm not sure if I'll have much of a tan. I may just end up getting a spray tan or something. But spray tans are always kind of scary, because I don't want to look orange! 😳😂 

3. I've been really into ASMR videos. I know that some people find them weird, but for me they help me relax and help with my anxiety. I really like Gwen Gwiz and Sophia Chang's ASMR videos. 

4. We get to do some traveling towards the end of the month and I'm pretty excited about it! Not going to announce it here on the blog just yet, but I will definitely have to do a whole post on where we go! It's just that exciting haha!! 

5. I've had a lot of coffee today. Like I feel like I could run a marathon right now! 😂

Hope you guys have a great Friday and a great weekend! 

XO, Chelsea 


Friday Rambles!

Friday, May 03, 2019

I can't believe it's already Friday! Where did this week go?! Last weekend was such a busy weekend, I feel like I've spent most of the week just catching up on stuff. Mostly laundry. 😂 Thursday we went to a three day music festival in Iowa. We got to stay at the lake in our new camper, which was super exciting! The new camper is SO NICE! It's just really nice to have a bathroom in the camper, and not have to walk like five miles to the bathroom. And to actually be able to shower in our own shower, and not have to use the public shower. 

Anyway, the lake is really pretty! It is one of my favorite places that we've camped. So we went up there on Thursday to just get settled in for the weekend. Friday was the first show of the weekend. J also released a new album!! And then he did two shows on Saturday, and one on Sunday. The shows were a lot of fun! I did take pictures but I feel weird posting them here on the blog. I don't know why haha. 😂 

So we ended up staying until Monday, instead of driving home on Sunday. It was just so cold and rainy on Sunday, we really didn't want to mess with hooking up the camper and driving home in the rain. On Monday morning we met up with a couple of friends for breakfast. We went to a super cute local place. I got a yummy cappuccino! I also got bacon and hashbrowns for breakfast. 

Oh and also on Sunday, we went to a memorial dance for a musician friend of ours. He passed away a few months ago. The band that he was apart of sang songs, and a lot of different musicians played. It was a fun and sad time all at once. I took this pic on our way there. I was hoping to have a cute pic, but then J ended up making this weird face haha 😂 A friend of ours also took pictures of us dancing, but I haven't seen them yet. I wish I had them to post here! Once I get them, I'll try to post them somewhere! 

So yeah, Monday we headed back home. We had to figure out what the heck we were gonna do with our camper, because it rained like two inches at home. We did find a spot to park it at home though! Eventually we want to build a garage for it but it's going to be kind of pricey to build one. I don't normally post pictures of me without makeup but lately I've just been loving not wearing makeup. I also really liked my hair with my hat. I just felt really good and wanted to post this selfie! 😊

So that was my weekend! This week has just been spent catching up on stuff from the weekend. Bella got a super cute birthday card from Chewy in the mail. Her birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe she's going to be two!! I posted a picture of the card on my Instagram Story yesterday. 

I hope you guys have had a great week! And I hope you have a great weekend!

XOXO, Chelsea