My 2018 Recap!

Today I'm doing a recap of my 2018! I probably should've posted this sooner, but that's okay! I can't believe that it is already 2019. Is it just me or are the years getting shorter and shorter?! 2018 was quite the year and I'm so excited to talk about it with you guys! 

January was a pretty quiet month around here! The month started off with it being cold and snowy. I also spent a lot time working on my goals for the year in January. We also were in the progress of putting the countertops in our pop-up camper! 

February was also a pretty quiet month. But Valentine's Day is in February! The flowers in this picture were actually given to J and I at a church thing that they had on Valentine's Day. It was such a fun night! J and I ended up winning one of the games they had, we got a gift card to Olive Garden!! 

Lilac just had to make the pictures for March haha! The middle picture is a selfie taken the day that I got to meet Leona Williams and Teea Goans! That was such a fun time! And then the last picture is a picture of Bill, because it was National Dog Day. He's such a good dog and he loves to go for walks! 

I had to put a picture of my favorite tree. It's a weeping cherry, and the blooms are just so pretty! And it only blooms in the spring. April was a really stressful month. J played a weekend festival, and we ended up camping at one of the lakes. Which was fun, and the lake was beautiful! What wasn't so fun was when the fuel pump on the SUV decided to give out on us. Literally all of our gas just emptied out onto the ground! We did get it fixed and everything is good now, but wow that was stressful! 


May was such an awesome month! We started out the month going camping with a friend of ours. And had a jam at the park there at the campground. The campground had a trail that you could walk around the entire lake. It was so pretty! It was a much needed relaxing time! On our way home from that trip, we stopped at another campground. That's where the second pic is from. Then Bella turned 1! Which doesn't seem possible. The month ended with my 22nd birthday. J ended up throwing me a surprise birthday party, which was super fun!

June started out with us going to see John Michael Montgomery in concert. For some reason I can't find any of the pictures I took at the concert. June was also a month filled with kittens! As you can tell from the pictures haha 😂

This was a pretty busy month! Started out with us spending a week in Texas, which was super fun! J was in a music contest and he won! And then we went and hung out with friends for a festival. They have a carnival there and fireworks at the end of the night. I actually got on the ride in the picture! And it was super fun! 

August was a pretty quiet month. The end of the month got a little busier when we went to a music festival, that lasts a week. It was super fun! I also made friends with a llama at the music festival. 😂

Mostly a month of cat pictures haha. Bubs just looked super cute posing for the camera! And Cali looked cute too! I also dyed my hair in September. It got a little darker than I had planned on...But I still liked how it looked! 

October was such an exciting month! J proposed!! 💖  I was so surprised when he did it! I had no idea that he was planning on it. He proposed at a music festival with a song that he wrote. It was such a cute moment! And I still just can't stop staring at my ring!! 

November was a very snowy month. Not a lot of traveling happened in November, especially since we spent most of it snowed in! We did make it out to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, and that was really nice. 💗

We put up our little Christmas tree, which turned out super cute! Morris came into our lives. It was a busy month with a bunch of Christmas concerts. And the month ended on a really sad note. We had to say goodbye to our sweet Kayla. She would've been 16 this spring, so she lived a really long life. 

That was my 2018! I can't wait to see what's in store for 2019!

XO, Chelsea 

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