My Favorite iPhone Apps // Lifestyle, Photo, Games, & More! (Part 3)

A couple of years ago, I did a couple of posts talking about my favorite iPhone apps. I just realized that I didn't do one last year, and thought it would be time to do an updated post! These are my current top five favorites! 

1. She Reads Truth

This is my favorite Bible study app! They have different Bible studies that you can pick from. Right now I'm doing a study on the book of Proverbs. They have some free Bible studies, but they also have ones that you can pay for. It's only like $1.99 a month for unlimited access to the Bible studies. This app also has the Bible in the app. 

2. Unfold

If you want to make your Instagram stories super cute, this is the app for you! This lets you choose from different templates for your story. They have tons of free ones on the app! And they also have super cute fonts to choose from too! It's just a fun app to play around with and it makes a persons IG stories stand out. 

3. Poshmark

I'm sure you guys have heard of Poshmark, but I love it! It's so easy to just put up pictures of what I want to sell, and then ship it out once it's sold. It's also gave me more room in my closet, which has been really nice! My name on there is Chelseamakeup14 if you want to check out my shop! I have clothes and makeup available on there right now. 

4. Covet

Covet is a really fun fashion design game. Basically, you can put outfits together for different challenges. It's a fun game to play, and also a way to be creative with clothing!

5. Etsy

I love shopping on Etsy and supporting small businesses! I've been doing a lot of browsing on there lately, especially for wedding items. There are so many cute wedding items! They also have tons of other cute things available on there! 

So those are five of my favorite iPhone apps! What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments! 

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XO, Chelsea 

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