Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches: Review!

Friday, March 15, 2019
The cats and I are reviewing the Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies Grain Free Cat Food Pouches today! We got these wet food pouches in the case size, which is four boxes of four chicken and turkey in gravy, and four boxes of tuna and mackerel in gravy. For a total of thirty-two 3oz pouches. 

Each pouch is made with real morsels of chicken, turkey, tuna, and mackerel. They don't contain any wheat, wheat gluten, corn, soy, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. I love how convenient the pouches are! My cats love these! They know exactly what they're getting to eat when I bring out the pouches. 

The cats give these treats five paws up and say they're whisker lickin' good! 😻

*The Wellness Healthy Indulgence Gravies Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches were sent to us (the cats and I) for review from Chewy. All opinions are our own! 

XO, Chelsea and the cats 

Coffee Chat: Volume 42

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

1. I'm so glad that it's March! February felt like it was such a long month. It also didn't help that it's been so cold here. And snowy. I haven't really been able to go anywhere because my driveway is basically a big skating rink. I haven't really felt like going anywhere because of how cold it's been. It feels like it's been a long winter. And I'm just so happy that it's March and that Spring is coming!! 

2. I really need to paint my nails, but I have no idea what color I want to use! Maybe OPI Bubble Bath? I feel like I always paint my nails that color. 😂 Any ideas? Tell me in the comments! 😊

3. J and I have started a little wedding planning! We're not doing a whole lot yet, since we don't plan on getting married for a couple of years. We just want to take our time planning, and also we have quite bit going on with our jobs this year. So it just makes sense to wait. But right now, we've been looking at color options and just figuring out our style. 

4. Even though I'm tired of the snow, this boy is not! Bill LOVES the snow! He loves rolling in it and running in it. This pic was taken after he got done rolling. 😂

5. I really want to bake cupcakes or a cake. I just want to decorate cupcakes or a cake. I've been watching cake decorating videos on Instagram, and it just makes me want to decorate something! 

I hope you guys are having a great Tuesday! 

XO, Chelsea