Waco Trip - Going To The Magnolia Store & More!

Last Tuesday J, my mom, my grandma, and I all drove down to Waco, Texas! We packed up my car and left at about 7 or 8 in the morning. We were going down to Waco because J was singing in the semi finals of the Country Showdown. He didn't win this time, but that was okay because he did really good! And it was so much fun cheering him on! But he was singing on Thursday, so that meant on Wednesday we had some free time to go check out The Silos! And the Magnolia Store!! 

It was actually pretty easy getting to the Silos. Driving in Waco wasn't bad. It wasn't terribly busy. Of course we were there on a week day, so a weekend might be different! Parking wasn't too bad either. We were able to park in the free parking lot right next to everything. It is a gravel lot, and they were also doing some construction in the lot while we were there. The gravel lot is free. There is other parking around the area but some of the other parking areas aren't free. 

When you first walk in, you see all the different kinds of food trucks. Which was so cool! J got a lavender lemonade from the Magnolia food truck and I got a tea from The Alabama Sweet Tea truck. The tea came in a mason jar which I thought was really cute! They had a lot of different food trucks. They had a grilled cheese food truck, and it smelled amazing!! I didn't try it because of my dairy problems, but it sure smelled really yummy! 

At the silos they have a little fake grass area. You can sit there and just hang out, and they also have a spot where you can play corn hole. And they have a covered area where you can sit and eat. It was just really cool to sit there and see everyone having a great time, just hanging out and enjoying good food! 

We saw this painted on the side of the bakery, and just had to take a picture in front of it! 

This picture was taken inside the Magnolia Store! I took quite a few pictures in the store. I just thought the kitchen setup was so cute! The store was pretty busy, even for a weekday. There were so many cute items, so many things that if we had our own house I would definitely have gotten them! Part of the store is air conditioned and part of it is not. Where they have all the t-shirts and stuff like that for sale, is not air conditioned. 

After we left the store, we went to the bakery! There was a wait for the bakery, but it wasn't too bad. And the place where you stand in line, is covered by a tent so it's not too hot. So when you go into the bakery, you get a card to mark what you want just to keep everything moving smoothly. I just thought the bakery was so cute! 

And of course we had to get cupcakes! 😊

After the bakery, we went and checked out the garden seed shop. It was really cute there too! There were cute planters and you could actually buy garden seeds. I think they had succulents for sale there too. 

And then on Thursday, like I mentioned we did go and cheer J on for the semi-finals of the Country Showdown! It was a lot of fun. Got to do lots of dancing! Even though J didn't win, we still had a good time. 

So that was our Waco trip! It was such a fun time! I would definitely like to go back at some point, maybe when J and I have our own house. That way I can actually buy things to decorate my home with! And also to check out more shops in the area! We checked out some, but there were a lot more that we didn't get to go to. 

Hope you guys are having a great Friday!

XO, Chelsea 

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