Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray: Review!

Today on the blog I wanted to review the Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face setting spray. This setting spray has been talked about a lot since being released, and has a lot of mixed reviews. So I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! 

About The Product: This is an extra-hold setting spray, and also waterproof. It also gives a matte finish, which I love! This setting spray was inspired by a makeup hack used by drag queens, which is to set their makeup with hairspray. Huda also recommends spraying the setting spray on a beauty sponge, and applying the setting spray to the face that way. I haven't tried this tip yet, I've just been spraying it directly onto my face. 

My Thoughts: I really like this setting spray! I love the matte finish. I also really feel like this setting spray really keeps my makeup on all day. I've worn this setting spray on some pretty hot days, and it has kept my makeup on really well! I know one of the issues that a lot of people have had with this setting spray is the scent. I personally really like the scent. I don't think it's too overpowering. It's very floral and just smells amazing! J even smelled it, and really liked it. I can totally understand not everyone loving the scent, though. I just personally really like it. 

Have you guys tried the Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face setting spray? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

XO, Chelsea 

*This product was sent to me from Influenster and Huda Beauty for review. All opinions are my own! 

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