Coffee Chat: Volume 46

Thursday, September 26, 2019

1. I finally have time to sit down and type a blog post! We went to a music festival for a few days last week, got home Sunday for another show Sunday night, and then another show Monday night. And then I've been doing a million loads of laundry, because that's just what happens after a music festival haha 😂 It's been a busy few days!! But that's okay because it's been fun 😊 

2. For some reason when we went to the music festival, I forgot to pack everything. I only grabbed like 2 changes of clothes. No idea how I forgot everything because I usually make a list of what I need. But J forgot his boots, so I wasn't the only one that forgot something!! 😂 Anyway, had to make a run to the Dollar General so I could get some clothes to wear.

3. Also at the festival, it rained a whole bunch. One day they were calling for 2 inches an hour! There was a swamp around the camper. We almost got stuck and almost needed a tractor to come pull our camper out. Apparently it rains every year there, so they are prepared and have tractors on hand for campers that get stuck. 

4. I've been busy making chocolate covered Oreos! I used to make these all the time, and hadn't made them in awhile. Decided to break out the molds and make some!! 

5. I've been trying to post more on Instagram stories! My instagram account is @chelseamakeup14 if you want to follow me 😊 That way you guys can keep up with what I'm doing when I'm not posting on the blog! 

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!! 

XO, Chelsea 

My Amazon Wish List!

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Today on the blog I thought I would share a few products that are on my Amazon Wish List. I love ordering things off of Amazon, and I'm sure you guys do too! These are all items that I've heard amazing things about. And maybe these will give you some ideas to put on your Amazon Wish List! 😊

1. Halluci Crossband Soft Plush Slippers // I've been seeing these slippers all over Instagram! They just look so comfy and I need them on my feet now! Haha. I know I for sure want these in pink, but I'm also thinking I like the grey pair too. 

2. Daisy Rose Checkered Tote *LV Dupe!* // My dream bag is a LV Neverfull, but I know that if I ever did get one I would be super scared to carry it. Because I would just be really afraid of it getting dirty. So I like that this one is affordable and I wouldn't worry about it getting as dirty, since it doesn't cost as much! 

3. Chase Secret Fleece Pullover // I just think this looks super warm and comfy! I pretty much live in stuff like this all winter. 

4. Daisy Rose Checkered Key Chain Pouch *LV Dupe!* // I need this key chain pouch in my life! I think having these are so handy, just toss your cards in or some cash, grab your keys, and just run a quick errand. And I also love that it's another LV dupe! 

5. Luxury Checkered Cosmetic Bag *LV Dupe!* // I actually really need a real travel makeup bag. The one that I have now is just too bulky. I've cut down my everyday makeup routine so much that I just don't need that much space. This one would be the perfect size! Plus it's a LV dupe!! 

6. Lovaru Boho Open Front Cardigan // I've heard a lot of good things about ordering clothes off of Amazon! I just think this cardigan is super cute and perfect for fall! 

7. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker // I've been looking at tons of different espresso and cappuccino makers. I've also learned how pricey they can be!! This one is still a little pricey, but not terrible. It's something I probably won't splurge on for a little while. I do think it would be nice to have an espresso maker to make various espresso drinks at home. And maybe save a little money not going to get coffees all the time haha! 😂

8. Bayco Glass Food Storage Containers // I really like these storage containers! I also really need more storage containers. Probably wouldn't use these in the camper, but they'd be great for at home! I'm just afraid in the camper they would break. I don't know, I might try them in the camper. I also just really prefer glass containers over plastic containers. 

So those are just a few items on my Amazon Wish List! What is on your wish list? Tell me in the comments below! 

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday! 

XO, Chelsea

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