Coffee Chat: Volume 46

1. I finally have time to sit down and type a blog post! We went to a music festival for a few days last week, got home Sunday for another show Sunday night, and then another show Monday night. And then I've been doing a million loads of laundry, because that's just what happens after a music festival haha 😂 It's been a busy few days!! But that's okay because it's been fun 😊 

2. For some reason when we went to the music festival, I forgot to pack everything. I only grabbed like 2 changes of clothes. No idea how I forgot everything because I usually make a list of what I need. But J forgot his boots, so I wasn't the only one that forgot something!! 😂 Anyway, had to make a run to the Dollar General so I could get some clothes to wear.

3. Also at the festival, it rained a whole bunch. One day they were calling for 2 inches an hour! There was a swamp around the camper. We almost got stuck and almost needed a tractor to come pull our camper out. Apparently it rains every year there, so they are prepared and have tractors on hand for campers that get stuck. 

4. I've been busy making chocolate covered Oreos! I used to make these all the time, and hadn't made them in awhile. Decided to break out the molds and make some!! 

5. I've been trying to post more on Instagram stories! My instagram account is @chelseamakeup14 if you want to follow me 😊 That way you guys can keep up with what I'm doing when I'm not posting on the blog! 

I hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!! 

XO, Chelsea 

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