Coffee Chat: Volume 49

Thursday, January 30, 2020

1. I feel like I've been stuck in my house for most of January! Last week, it snowed three days in a row. Three days! I'm not really sure how much snow we got, I just know it was a lot! We had ice before all the snow hit. My driveway became a skating rink, and it's still a skating rink. I'm not ready for it to all melt, though. Then we will have mud everywhere! 

2. The Chiefs are playing the Super Bowl!! I am so excited! I have been a KC Chiefs fan my entire life. My grandma made me a Chiefs dress when I was a toddler. I wish I could find the picture! My whole family loves the Chiefs. I am so excited to watch them this weekend! Do you guys have any fun Super Bowl plans? I think we're just staying home and going to watch the game. 

3. I added some super cute Valentine's Day items to my Zazzle shop! I also have a link for you guys to get to get 20% off your first order of $25 or more

4. Does anyone else feel like January lasted for a million years? January is always such a long month for me! Especially this year. I think part of it, there's been so many gloomy days this month. And the colder temps and snow prevent me from getting outside. Counting down the days until Spring!! 

5. I think I'm going to go get more coffee. I need all the coffee today. 😂

I hope you guys all have a great Thursday! 

XO, Chelsea 

My Go To Sweater This Winter!

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Happy Thursday! I hope you guys are having an amazing day! I've been cleaning like crazy this week, since a stomach bug hit my house hard. I've been spraying Lysol on everything that I can! Today on the blog, I wanted to share my go to sweater for this winter. We've been having warmer than usual temperatures this winter, and I'm definitely not complaining about it! This sweater is comfy and cozy, no matter the temperature! 

What I'm Wearing: 

Sweater: This super comfy sweater is from SheIn. I know, I order a lot of my clothes from there, but the prices are good and the quality of the clothes is really amazing! This sweater is the perfect color for fall and winter! And I love the oversize baggy style! 

Jeans: I feel like I've been talking about these jeans so much lately, y'all are gonna get tired of hearing about them! 🙈 But these are the Time and Tru jeans from Walmart. They're not really jeans, they're more like leggings. And they are super comfy!! 

Boots: When I first got these boots, I told myself that I would wear them all fall and winter, and I've been doing pretty good sticking to that! Haha! 😂 These are Arizona brand from JC Penney. These were on sale but, it looks like they're not right now. They probably will be soon, because JC Penney always has the best sales! 

It was so funny taking pictures with this outfit! It was super windy, and Bella and Tabs thought they needed to be apart of it too! 😂

I hope you guys all have an amazing day! 

XO, Chelsea 

2020 Goals!

Saturday, January 04, 2020

When I started blogging on my first blog, I would do a goals post at the start of each year, every year. I started doing that on this blog, and then skipped a few years. I decided this year I wanted to bring it back! I've always preferred to make goals instead of resolutions. For some reason, I have a better time sticking to goals instead of resolutions. Plus, when I would make resolutions, I would set these crazy expectations for myself. I've learned over the years, it's much better to make small realistic goals for the New Year! And they're easier to stick to! 

1. Blog More

I've been really slacking on blogging. Not just last year but for awhile. I was just really confused where I wanted my blog to go and what kind of content I wanted to post. For the last couple of months, I've really gotten my love for blogging back, and really learned what I want this blog to be. I've been brainstorming a bunch of new ideas for this year, and I'm really excited! I've even been thinking about coming back to YouTube! I haven't posted on there in forever it feels like. 

2. Save Money

This year I really want to focus on saving money. I've always been someone that saves money, but I want to focus on that even more this year. I also want to work hard on getting closer to my car being paid off. I know that I won't be able to get it all paid off this year, but I want to at least get a good chunk of it paid for! And I'd like to start saving even more for J and I to get our own house. I know that there's a good chance we won't get a house this year, but I'd like to at least save and be prepared for when we do. I really want to budget more and coupon more this year, too. 

3. Get Organized

I've always been a pretty organized person, but it seems like lately it's been hard to stay organized. I really need to focus on keeping my workspace organized and my closet organized. I also need to focus on hanging clothes back in the closet...I'm guilty of just trying something on, not wearing it, and not putting it back in the closet. That has got to change this year! 

Those are my goals for 2020! What are your goals for the New Year? I'd love to read them in the comment section below! I hope that you all have an amazing 2020! I'm so excited for this year! 

XO, Chelsea 

My 2019 Recap!

Wednesday, January 01, 2020
Happy New Year! I can't believe that it's 2020. It just doesn't seem possible! But I'm also super ready for 2020. So many big things coming up this year that I'm excited for!! On the blog today, I wanted to do a recap of 2019. It was a fun and busy year! 


January started off pretty quiet. It was so cold! There were a couple of nights the windchill was -30. I pretty much stayed inside all of January haha! 😂 


February was also a pretty quiet month. We did celebrate Valentine's Day by staying home because it was super cold. I think we ordered a pizza and watched Netflix, which is a perfect night to me! This picture of Morris was super cute and just had to be included haha! 😂


In March, J's monthly gospel show started back up. I went to a super fun bridal fair with my future sister in law, her mom, and J's stepmom L. It was such a fun day and I got so many wedding ideas. March was also a sad month because one of J's really good musician friends passed away. He was also someone that J really looked up to and grew up listening to his music. 


April was spent working on the camper! We did get the cabinets painted in the camper, and by we I mean J painted them. We did go camping towards the end of April, for a music festival. It was so nice camping in the new camper! And in April we celebrated Easter. I love the picture we took on Easter. And I love the magnolia in the background!! 


In May, Bella turned 2! She got a whole bunch of treats and Fancy Feast. She's definitely not spoiled!! We also went to Waco, Texas with my mom and grandma. It was such a fun trip! I was most excited about going to see The Silos. Also in May, I turned 23. And J's brother proposed to his girlfriend on my birthday! So that was super exciting!! Her birthday is the day after mine, so it was an early birthday surprise for her! 


In June I decided to cut my hair for the summer. I always really like having shorter hair, it's so much easier to take care of! We also went to a music festival in Nebraska, which was fun. Something that was part of the festival was a show where we got to see Tony Booth, Justin Trevino, and Landon Dodd. It was a really good show! 


July was filled with gospel shows! We got to go to lots of different churches and play music for people. I also helped out with Vacation Bible School at our church, which was so much fun! As you can tell from the picture, Tom slept most of the month haha! 😂


Just had to share this picture of Sassy, because she was just looking super cute! Anyway, August is a birthday filled month for my family! My dad and uncle's birthday is first. They're twins. And then my grandpa's birthday on my mom's side. Then my grandma's birthday on my dad's side. It's crazy!! We also did more church shows. And went to a festival at the end of August. 
It was quite the experience getting to the festival. About 10 miles away from where we needed to be, the serpentine belt shredded! Thankfully a friend of ours was following behind us, so we hooked up the camper to her vehicle. The next day we were able to get a new serpentine belt. It's always an adventure with us!! 


So the festival starts in August, but ends in September. The last day of the festival we went to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor in LeMars, Iowa. I don't eat ice cream, but it's still super fun to go there! I also discovered the brand Believe Beauty. I got their foundation, and it's my new favorite! I started making chocolate covered Oreos again in September. And we went to another music festival! This one wasn't quite as crazy, but it did rain a lot and we almost had to get our SUV and camper pulled out with a tractor. 


In October we went to another music festival. J and I celebrated 2 years of dating and 1 year of being engaged. I also really figured out what kind of content I want to post on my blog and Instagram, and that I want to post more fashion content. 


November we went to a small music festival that we don't take the camper to, we usually just drive there. I also discovered the coziest poncho ever! November was also a sad month because we had to make a trip to St. Louis for J's uncle's funeral. We drove to St. Louis the day of the funeral, then drove back that night after the funeral, because the gospel show was the next day. And then we had Thanksgiving! I wasn't able to go to my family's Thanksgiving because I was super sick. And ended up being sick for almost a month! It was horrible! 


We celebrated J's Birthday in December! I went to my first craft fair with my chocolate covered Oreos and almost sold out! I did sell out of 2 flavors that day, dark chocolate with mint, and peppermint bark. Celebrated Christmas with J's family, and then celebrated with mine on Christmas Day. 

That was my 2019! I can't wait to see what happens in 2020! 

XO, Chelsea