Coffee Chat: Volume 49

1. I feel like I've been stuck in my house for most of January! Last week, it snowed three days in a row. Three days! I'm not really sure how much snow we got, I just know it was a lot! We had ice before all the snow hit. My driveway became a skating rink, and it's still a skating rink. I'm not ready for it to all melt, though. Then we will have mud everywhere! 

2. The Chiefs are playing the Super Bowl!! I am so excited! I have been a KC Chiefs fan my entire life. My grandma made me a Chiefs dress when I was a toddler. I wish I could find the picture! My whole family loves the Chiefs. I am so excited to watch them this weekend! Do you guys have any fun Super Bowl plans? I think we're just staying home and going to watch the game. 

3. I added some super cute Valentine's Day items to my Zazzle shop! I also have a link for you guys to get to get 20% off your first order of $25 or more

4. Does anyone else feel like January lasted for a million years? January is always such a long month for me! Especially this year. I think part of it, there's been so many gloomy days this month. And the colder temps and snow prevent me from getting outside. Counting down the days until Spring!! 

5. I think I'm going to go get more coffee. I need all the coffee today. 😂

I hope you guys all have a great Thursday! 

XO, Chelsea 

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