My Favorite Clothes From Walmart!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite clothes from Walmart! I love shopping for clothes at Walmart. You can find some amazing products at affordable prices! I love the brand Time and Tru. They have the cutest stuff! Walmart is also my favorite place to get workout clothes. This post isn't sponsored, just wanted to share my favorites! 

1. Secret Treasures Thong Slippers // These are the comfiest slippers! They have memory foam in them. I have them in pink, but they come in other colors. And they're only $10!

2. Time and Tru Jeggings // These are the comfiest jeggings! They're so stretchy. And they seriously look like you're wearing actual jeans. You can't tell that they're not jeans! 

3. No Boundries Cinched Waist Sweatshirt // Kind of bummed because I wanted this in the pastel tie-dye, but that one sold out super quick! This sweatshirt also comes in green, gray, and black. It's super cute! 

4. Athletic Works Tennis Shoes // These are super comfy and super cute! I have them in pink. I couldn't find the pink ones online though. 

5. Time and Tru Zip Bootie // I'm obsessed with these shoes! I'm also obsessed with all things leopard print. These are pretty comfortable. I feel like you could wear these in the fall and spring. 

6. Avia Yoga Pants // If you follow me on Instagram, you've heard me talk about these yoga pants a lot! They're my favorite! Super comfy and stretchy. Great for working out or running errands. 

7. Avia Workout Shirt // Any of the workout clothes from the brand Avia are amazing! Super comfy! 

So those are some of my favorite clothes from Walmart! Do you guys have any favorites from Walmart? Let me know in the comments! 😊

I hope you all are doing well, and staying safe during this crazy time right now! 💗

XO, Chelsea 

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