My 24th Birthday Outfit & Chat!

I'm not really sure where time went, but I'm suddenly 24! My birthday was on Wednesday. Kind of crazy to think that I just celebrated my 24th birthday. I feel like I shouldn't be 24 yet! So many crazy things happened when I was 23. J and I set a wedding date after being engaged for a year, made so many memories with amazing friends, traveled, worked on strengthening my relationship with God, and so much more! 23 had it's low moments too. There was so much drama, so much un-necessary drama. I learned that you can't please everyone. I learned that I don't want to waste my energy on people that don't love me for me. 

Turning 24, I have so many things that I want to achieve this year. I talked about some of those things in my 2020 Goals post. I'm entering 24 feeling so much more confident then I have in years, which is so amazing! I'm so thankful and so blessed. I'm excited to see what happens in year 24! ❤️ 

Even though I couldn't go out and party for my 24th birthday, I thought it would still be fun to dress up and have a photoshoot! The dress and vest are from JC Penney. I've honestly had this dress and vest for 3 years now! This might be really silly, but it's kind of become my go to birthday outfit. It's just one of my favorite dresses! And I love wearing it with wedge sandals, or my Corral boots. Yes, I am holding a bottle of whiskey haha 😂 I can't do a lot of drinks that are super sweet, so my go to when we go dancing is whiskey and Diet Coke. We bought a bottle to have a couple of drinks on my birthday, and then we ended up not having any drinks! 😂 I figured I can celebrate some other time! 

I hope you guys have a great Saturday and a great weekend! And to anyone that was born on May 27th, I hope you guys all had a great birthday! ❤️ 

XO, Chelsea 

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