Coffee Chat: Volume 52

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1. I can't believe June is almost over! I'm kind of stressing out about July getting here. Also pretty excited because we're getting closer to wedding day! But stressed out because we still have so much to do. 

2. In the last Coffee Chat post, I talked about using my Silhouette Portrait  to make invites. Change of plans haha! 😂 I decided to not go with the original idea I had because I was afraid the invites would be too heavy in the envelope, and then we might need two stamps instead of one. So I'm gonna do something different that won't be so heavy. If that makes sense haha! And that will be cheaper with just one stamp. I'm still planning on designing the invites myself, though.

3. I cut my hair! I cut 7 inches off. And it feels amazing! 😄

4. I've been trying to organize my house and get rid of stuff. It just feels so much better getting organized. I went through my makeup collection and tossed anything that I knew was old. I used to think I wanted a big makeup collection, but I've learned that that's just not me. There's nothing wrong with a big makeup collection! I just don't wear enough makeup anymore to really need one. 

5. I think I need another cup of coffee! I'm so tired today! 😴

Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!! 💕

XO, Chelsea 

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